Thursday, July 19, 2007


Really not that sorry for the late post...

Brandon, Jordan and I decided to pedal to WednesdayNightRacing. Pops Mensa-Bansu decided to show up with Aris. Theo decided to hitch a ride with his new found buddy and 24-9 teammate, Nate. Christie followed us with the car and the camera.

Pops not only showed up with his lounge chair, but with a few surprises for EXPO Racing and I.

New kicks! Shimano SH-181L size 44. Cheaper, lighter, smaller toe box, and just plain old fit better than the silver "carbon" soled Shimanos. Now I gota break'em in. Oh yeah, new gloves too!
Park Race/Ride tool kit. 24-9 Mechanic Aris's perfect companion.

We have a converter!!!! WORS Elite rider Carlos Haeckel aka Alterra Wanabe EXPO has made the switch and become part of the ERGON Nation.

CODY(nice effort dude), Aris, Theo, Brandon, Jordan n Me. Acting like we're cool or something. All action shots turned out too blurry. Reason being...When one puts on the EXPO Racing kit, they become too fast for even the best SLR camera out on the market today. Way too fast.

After a nice DNF by yours truly. I made my way back to the new tool kit to make some bike tweaks and install my Light & Motion lights. The install went so fast I had time to catch a snap shot of my night time riding buddies, Nate, Jay n Theo. The night ride went great! Jay and I followed the youngens as we twisted left then right then left again. If Nate n Theo can ride the way they rode Wed. night, they gots a super chance @ 24-9. Thanks Jay for hooking Theo up! The chit chat was fun too.

Theo started getting a headache towards the end of the ride. He started making mistakes. Just before we made it back to the cars he dropped his bike. One week before we leave for 24-9, He put his cage into his spokes. Better now than later. I think its time for a little "taper" down yourself Theo.

I just got word that everything on the 24-9 rush order is in stock! Thanks much for gettin it done.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gus- I just wanted to thank you for the blog update... I know your days are full, but it means so much that you do this. I stay filled in then!
Thanks Again!