Friday, July 20, 2007

New stuff

These gems are hopefully going to be the best purchase I have made(say that alot) in a long long time. Way way back in 2005 I rode the chrome version of this same saddle on a rigid Bianchi SASS(SAFG). I never once had Monkey Butt issues then. I wasn't using any butt butter either. It treated me well.

Fast forward to the 2006 version of 24-9. I finished well. I rode well too. My butt took the worst hit of all. I picked up the worst case of Monkey Butt to date. Last year @ 24-9 I was not using a WTB Rocket V. Go figure.

SHIMANO SH-181L. I wore these babies all day. I like. I like. I like.
This was today's project to help keep part of my mind off of 24-9. New tires, headset, fork, chain ring, BLING chain w/ the addition of the XC Jones bar. This is the 4th or 5th different mutation this frame has undergone.

Brandon and Jordan's bikes are super ready to go for their 60mile DUO tomorrow. I am SO excited to be pitting for the entire EXPO Racing crew. No race for me...24-9

Trixie added an "I do" slide show if anywho is interested

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