Thursday, July 5, 2007

Single Track Trixie

got the phone call from jeff frings...his homemade lights were ready. now that i write this, i'm really pissed that i didn't get a few pics of his lights. some copper tubing mated with some higher watt led, powered by 8 double a batteries. $35 dollars got him a screaming downhill worthy light. decided to go a lil early with thee wife to do some early evening single track shredding. got into 2 laps before it was time for jeff to show up..we then got our first night practice in before 24-9.

expo womens cut it...errrr....her!
my bar set up..try #1..wrapped the cord twice around the top crown so it didn't pull on the light. i mounted the battery on top of the seat collar. i'm a litte worried of how muddy it could get, so maybe i will try something else next time. the hydro formed tubing doesn't give me too many options. the light itself worked flawlessly!


Carlos said...

that's a monster ride

jeff said...

I have a shot of my lights on my bike page. See ya at Bluemounds.