Saturday, July 21, 2007

WEMS Metro Challenge

The two youngest shine.

The event mirrored the ever popular WNR. Course. Atmoshpere. Peeps.

Chris Cooper and Al Brunner ran the event the way all events should be. I hope my help was adequate.

Jeff Frings, what AMAZING photos!

The two 24-9 hopefulls decided to stay off the race bikes today. I pit. Jeff manned the camera.

These first two photos say it all. Brandon and Jordan worked their tails off in the 60mile DUO. Never gave up, EVER. Flats, Cramps, Crashes, Size, Age, no suspension...Nothing. They gritted their teeth and grinded it till the bitter end. It took their final lap make the step up to podium. The boys started it 3rd for 2laps then dropped to 4th for the rest of the day untill lap9. 3rd Place. I kid you NOT. They earned it! Not because they wear the green n black. Not because they are "oh so cute". Not because they were the youngest racers on the course. Beacause they EARNED it. This is by far their biggest win to date, and they did it together. 40min on, 40 min off. Can you see the drive???


John on his new Fish. 30mile.

Not so little any more Theo prepping his mind, body and bike for 24-9. 30mile Old skool.

Chris Tamborino fly'n thru the pits>>>>>>>> 30mile.

Who is that pit bitch?

ERGON style. They worked it this weekend. All photos from Jeff. Thanks dude. I hope you're ready?


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I'm so proud of Brandon and Jordan, I so wish I could have been there, I think I would have had a break out day. I'm eagerly awaiting 24-9. I'm going to to ride my new bike on quality single track in about an hour. Its actually part of the Iceman Course. I'll probably make a blog post on how it goes.

Shelley said...

Thanks Cody!

Carlos said...

Thanks for the red bull dude.
It was just what I needed to finish with a nice sprint