Monday, July 2, 2007


On Saturday we ended up having a late start. Our 9:00am departure ended up being prolonged to 1:00pm. All in all we made it, but ended up doing a late pre-ride. Late pre-ride meant we missed the pasta feed, which led us to an 8:00pm Fazoli's Feed. Luckily we were able to save Buckwheat from being taken away from the Eau Claire Animal Control and made it back to camp safely. I got to bed super early while the rest of the clan made the attempt to invade Action City.

Race Day. Lubed the chains, checked air pressures, eggs, pancakes, waffles. Jordan was third called up to the line, since he missed Phillips and fell down one spot in the overall standings. Third called up and third to finish. He made up plenty of time in the single track, but just didn't have the legs on the flats - we know what we need to work on for next race.

Brandon again rocked the single-speed rigid. Slightly under geared for the flats, left him mid-pack entering the single track. Slightly improved his overall finish taking 9th place, with a bad crash & a twisted ankle. Not bad B.

Theo never fails with a podium finish, regardless of what bike he brings. This weekend he brought the singlespeed w/mary bar knock-off. I guess we get to blame the Lazer helmet and ERGON grips with his success this season... those are the ONLY two guaranteed things he brings with him to the start to every race.

Who is this??? Orange?

Aris on his Single... 2nd 16-n-under. He almost caught me too. Almost.

My legs felt pretty good. Good enough to run 5th wheel after the lead out. This high heart rate stuff eventually got to me. I faded much on the final lap going from podium(age group) to 6th in the final two miles.
Not pictured - Chris Tamborino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd OVERALL in the SPORT class!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Chris. Thats how you do it.
Thanks much skinnyski for the great pics!

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Carlos said...

That is call latino surprise.
Good job at the race.
See ya at blue mound