Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pre-Ride and Pop-Ups

Top of the Flower Trail. My mostest favorite part. Especially at Night. Pre-Ride Jdubs

Little Up

Sexy Theo

Trying to push the pop-up onto a rock

Look at the "o" and you get a bruised shoulder.
Really Really Really Excited.
The rest of the way will be Utterz...
Good Luck to all. Wish you were here if you aren't.

An EXPO Update

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Ready to Ride

We will be getting in a little breakfast, then its off to 9mile. Looks like Utterz works. I can see why Squidbuzz and G-ted use it so well, super easy it was. I guess we really will be using utterz, since there isn't much WiFi spots on course.

Would you rather have 90+ degrees or rain? Both seem to provide the same size wild card. At least the night should be comfortable.

Can't wait to see the peeps come flooding in.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An EXPO Update

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I actually felt bad for Buckwheat today...We normally head out for 24-9 with a larger truck.

We strolled into 9mile at 6pm. With it being so late, I decided to just check out the scene rather than get a ride in. Saw Mata's truck, April Dombrowski working, and Nat riding. I never thought a Wednesday would have the parking lot so crowded. I can't wait till tomorrow to ride. The EXPO Junior team will be showing up too.

Good Morning

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sitting here at work

has me itching to get home and help pack. Brandon, Jordan and Trixie have started their first day being part of the Team EXPO Pit Crew. Trixie helped get all of my clothes cleaned and B and J have been organizing the Park Tool backpack and finding stray bike parts hiding round the house.

We depart soon...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Update

In preparation for 24 hour racing, I rode a Segway for 4 hours today handing out Southern Style Chicken Sandwich coupons. Then I came home and napped for 3 hours, which just happens to be my first nap of the summer. Nice.

Then I check blogs and boards and find some coool pics on nacho bar:

I guess I gotta try to sleep now cause I won't be sleeping Friday night...or Saturday....or Sunday...???
Back to bed.


Thanks Goat

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alterra perked up the Juniors

I decided to hold back this weekend and let the EXPO Juniors pump me up. I carried the Ergon BD1 w/some H2O and shot video while the rest of EXPO made me smile. Thanks Alterra for the super tough platform. And thanks Pops, Shelley and Trixie for the all around support.

Jordan - The youngest(only 12yr old today) in his Citizen U14 group decided to give the big boys a run for their money. He gave us his best result yet with a 3rd place Age and a 18th Overall.

Brandon - Just about took the hole shot on his way to a 3rd Age and 35th Overall in Sport U14. It was so neat watching him reel in the peeps on his way to, again, one of his best finishes yet.

The "O" - He had a slow start and was forced to pick his way through his field. In the end, it certainly didn't phase him. 3rd Age and 8th Overall.

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters - As usual he rocked the course. 1st Age (for the 7th straight time) and 9th Overall! He is getting closer and closer to a COMP Overall top 5 series finish...then again there is lots-o-racing to come.

Vince Tamborino - Perhaps the most focused of the EXPO Juniors today, he scorched his training wheels in the 4yr Old race putting together a great race.

Chris Tamborino - After cheering on his son he toed the line in the COMP field ready to post a Tambo-two-for-two. 6th Age and 35th Overall.

Deanna Frings - After competing in an AM Triathlon she came over to cheer on EXPO. Thanks for coming Deanna!

Joe Horvath - Our newest EXPO member made the drive to support and take the photos(he has to get them to me...sorry for no pics). He has also committed to the EXPO pit crew for 24-9. Thanks Joe!

I think we might be peaking...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Endurance Bikes

( X lite Wheels, Stem, bars and post + Ergon love + WTB Rocket V + XT crank + FOX F29 + Juicy 7) x 2 = ??? Bikes were built this week thanks to the help of the Bros Aris and Theo. Both are so far riding really well, like new.

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters' steed is most recently know for its custom Pink Camouflage Sun Ringle wheels! Look for this bike to be coming round the corner near the top ten on lap one for 24-9. The EXPO Junior team is looking to do some damage at 24hr Nationals.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Convert F29 Travel

Well I have found the Trek 69er to handle better with a FOX F29 100mm over the 80mm. The problem is that all I have are 80mm forks. Sooooo, I check out to see if it is possible. Converting a 80mm FOX F29 to a 100mm.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Tools needed:
10mm socket
Monkey wrench - a good one

Let the air out of the fork with your shock pump.

Use the 10mm socket to pull the plastic nut off the bottom.

Hammer the the threads up into the fork (catch the lube!!!!)

Like my plastic bag trick?

Valve comes off on the top w/10mm socket. Then use the monkey to take top cap off(see below)(Careful! Very soft metal)(turn over to catch different lube)

It's thick, so be patient.

Use a wood rod or something that will fit in the bottom hole to pop internals out the top(from the bottom)

Pop out black plastic piece just above the spring. Bingo! 100mm!!!

Like a pastry chef, put the lube back in their homes.

Squeeze it out!

Tighten back up.
20 minutes tops!

24-9 bikes are complete. They ride super duper nice too. Pics later.
Wednesday Night Racing news: Juniors: Aris 1st. Brandon 2nd. Jordan 3rd. EXPO 1 2 3.
(Aris 6th overall. Brandon 15th overall. Jordan 17th. Theo flat. 50+ field size too!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mout Snow MTB Nationals

Fastest Man

Tallest Man

Hole Shot Bender
Cool Pic
Fastest Descender I ever seen
Marko riding the steepest part of the course.
SS??? Rigid??!??!?!? You Crazy!


How I walk after I pee.
Tire touches Brandon's nose. Not kidding.
Fastest woman. Mary won in the most awesome sprint finish.
Trials National Champ.
Who is spooning who???? In a King bed too!!!!
The "O"
Aris w/ a 30second lead after the start climb.
It was an amazing weekend. We all rode nicely and we all saw some amazing riding. The best in the nation walked the walk and our local big wigs took it to'em. Aside from the SS race, WI was the only state to show up rigid.
My race was relaxed, or at least it was supposed to be. I started mild and found myself running third wheel. I fell back to 5th by the time we started descending on lap 1. I reeled 3rd and fourth back on the descent. We stayed together on our last lap. I gapped them on the top of the last climb just enough that I was able to crash on my final descent and get back on the bike still in third. I saw them behind me but when it was time for the big ring at the bottom, it was mine for the taking. I left 4th and 5th behind. It was really neat racing against so many peeps from all over the states.
I truly have to chalk this one up to WORS. We race so much harder than all the others. I mean come on. I have to work all year for a 3rd in WORS Comp 25-29. NORBA Sport just doesn't compare to WORS COMP. Thanks WORS!
Maybe some more later...I wanna start thinking about 24-9.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a Trip

Aris took 3rd. I took 3rd. Theo took 7th. Jordan took 7th and Brandon 25th. Stories to come...