Sunday, July 15, 2007

WORS Marathon #2 Race Report

Top n Far right


Who would have guessed it? Wow was it Fast. And even harder. We showed up to the race course around 2:30pm with plenT of time for a nice stroll thru the woods. EXPO was 6strong for the pre-ride. Come race day we were up to 8. Marathon = MASS START. Little Aris gets a call up and is able to sit second row at the start. As the rest of the field(i) gets called up to the start, I suddenly forget how to pedal and fall to the ground. Great, I get to be in the second row too...from the back. I pinned my Heart Rate for a solid 6miles trying to catch the bro(remember, he's up at the front). I finally catch him. He says he is beat. So was I. It took me a good 12miles to finally get into my comfortable rhythm. Then the entire outside side of my right foot starts to crazy cramp(I was wearing my Dad's shoes...long story). As I type this, I can still get it to flair up. Hurts. 9th place age. Not good, but a good work out.

B-Bones Brandon! You killed it today. 7th age. 3second off of 6th. 20seconds off of Podium.His bro, Jordan, throws us another podium(3rd). Still waiting for a 07win....

Not only are ERGON grips good for ripping it up in the Sport Class, but they are also great arm rests. So cool. So calm. Chris was so fast today, he decided to catch up to the COMP class and ride with me! Did you hear that folks?!?!?! I got to ride with Chris T.!!! For like 5miles too.
So get this. John G. finally shows up to a WORS event and gets to stand on the podium with Chris. 5th place!
I post this pic only because my wife took it, and it turned out coool. Aris - DNF. Oh yeah, Theo - DNF too. Can you tell I'm not happy?
For desert: I got to shake hands with ScoleTrain today. Super nice. Another one of those brains I'd like to pick for their 24hr wealth.


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

What the heck, I'm only Expo Rider that didn't get a mention in the blog and I finished on a bike that was never really working to begin with

EXPO Racing said...

Sorry about that Code Man..won't happen again. Didn't you see yourself on the cross bike? Good race..and thanks for hanging with us this weekend. Ride on.