Friday, July 27, 2007

Ready and Waiting

We arrived early early Thursday morning. Around 10:30am. We had hoped to take advantage of our early showing and get our favorite pit spot from last year...A locked gate kept us from our destination...for a while.

This pic was taken from our pit...The spot we were hoping for. Yup, thats a Segway. Yup, it has ERGON grips. It has been a major hit...The grips and the Segway. Here I am training fellow team member Jeff Frings. He and EVERYONE else was in awe. Its a GREAT bathroom runner. The Segway even got some sOLO gOAT press.

I rode one 69er and Aris rode the other for the pre-ride Thursday afternoon. The bike even looks fast at a stand still.

The hopefully soon to be National Champs came along on the ride as well.

John "Poz" of the Etough camp was loving the green grips. I think we might have a converter.... I am ready to go. Pumped as I'll ever be. Batteries are charged. Bikes are primed. And the crew is stoked!
Good Luck

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