Saturday, August 30, 2008

An EXPO Update

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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Called BikeSafer last night. "You wanna ride?"

3hr11min 58miles. Feels good to break 3hrs this week. Fun day it was.

On tap this weekend will be 12hrs of biking somewhere near Green Bay and a big fat family reunion immediately after. Should be nice.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Border Battle Pics

From Mountaingoat

$20 per digital?

Monday, August 25, 2008

EXPO gets a Bling Bling Weekend

Hopefully pics to come. WEMS Metro Challenge on Saturday(Bling) was first on the list. Brandon and Jordan walked into a victory in the 6hr Duo, which allowed them to get out of town early for WORS Border Battle on Sunday(Bling).

Turned out to be the Bling Bling weekend. Jordan got on the podium with a 4th and Brandon pulled off his best XC to date with a second place.

A, as usual, Mad Props to Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters with a 6th COMP Overall at the WORS Border Battle.

Of course John, Jeff and Chris didn't disappoint either at Saturday's WEMS 3hr. Chris(5th) was only 2+ minutes off of someone that lives in the gutter. Nice job Chris.

Feels a little like Fall today so I'll ride like CX and play a little tennis to boot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ride Work Ride

With school already starting in some parts of the country, I have lost a few co-workers due to class. In turn my work load picks up as my training diminishes. Commuting is it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Screw Drop Bars

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have no idea how 'Good Morning' got there.


Wanted to go out big time today, however the legs started to feel real heavy around mile 40. Almost 3hrs in the saddle. Eh.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Good Morning

No 12hr Human Powered Trails for me

Well folks,

Trixie needs the Car for a wedding. B and J are in Door County. Pops and Aris are at Trek World. There just isn't a chance for me to get to LaCrosse before the 8am race start. Watcha gonna do?

EXPO will still be there though, so don't worry.

Saturday is going to be some Trans Iowa like miles on the Roger That. I wanna wear the BD1 too!

Keep Press'n On

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Middle Day

Went out for a short ride this morning. Got home and then immediately went over to the tennis courts for some cross training.

Walmart special, $16 racket gets me hav'n some fun with the better half.

Thinking about how to get to LaCrosse this weekend for some 12hr action.

Watching Olympics the rest of the night.

Monday, August 11, 2008

EXPO Crew Holds it Down - Ore to Shore

With halfies at Sunburst and halfsies at MI's Ore to Shore, EXPO covered some ground. After our Sunburst Day, I actually wish we were ALL in MI. I'm a bit jealous. Thanks Sue for the pics.
Barbara, Janet(EXPO guest rider all the way from CO), Kathy, Deanna, Sue

24 Hr Men's Duo National Championship 5th place finishers, Jeff and John

Barbara grabbed a well deserved podium spot in the 28mile Soft Rock. Even more note worthy was her 29th Women's Overall in a field of almost 200.

Kathy Gregorski sent me a great write-up, so here are her great words:

It was a great weekend resulting in lots of stories to tell…. The gals did the 28 mile Soft Rock, the guys did the 48 mile hard rock.

Barbara – 3rd in women 45-49 (podium!)(29th Overall)

Kathy – 7th in women 40-44 (30th Overall)

Janet Linn – 11th in women 45-49 (this is Barbara’s sister, she rode for Expo)

Deanna – 24th – in women 45-49

Sue – 30th in women 45-49

John – 13th in men 40-44

Jeff – 15th in men 40-44

Overnight rain packed down the epic sand the event is know for and created a fast course (and lots of chain problems!). The gals started their event in a cold “chunky” rain, almost sleet – brrr. Janet Linn lead the gals on the lead out. Then Barbara took over.

Barbara and I traded positions for most of the race. With about 5 miles to go we were going pretty hard with a few other ladies when we gave them a gift they (and we) will never forget….Barbara crashed in the sand at the bottom of a downhill and I landed right on top of her! Two teammates took each other out! We recovered and tried to make up lost ground. All was well until I T-boned a tree. Barbara waited and we finished together – same time.

Janet Linn (aka a ”summo-racer”), our guest rider from Colorado had a great ride! She’d never done a mountain bike race before. Was thrilled to ride for Expo and plans to be back next year – if we can promise rain the night before the event. Realizing how well she could have done, next time she won’t stop to use the porta-potty or take a photo for somebody…

This was Deanna’s first RIDE on her mountain bike in over a year and her first RACE in many years. She spent time in the “pain cave” and finished strong.

Sue overcame some major “chain-suck” and shifting problems to just finish the event. This girl is no whiner! All those mechanicals are now behind her and she’ll be going for it in the Short ‘n Fat at the Fat Tire Fest.

John and Jeff, with legs still tired from 24-9 had a great race. The rain quit right before their start, so conditions were awesome. Jeff (aka “cupcake”) had wickedly fast start, riding with out with some of the best of the best. He was having the race of his life until chain issues got him too. John passed Jeff right near the end, and the boys finished within seconds of each other. “Cupcake” crossed the line pretty muddy and become “Frosted Cupcake”. After the race, the crazy boys road the 15 uphill miles back to the cabin.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tambo Performs @ Sunburst

Chris Tamborino really came into form this weekend at WORS #8, the Sunburst Showdown. He makes his first podium of his WORS season. 4th age, and 23rd Overall.

Way to go Chris!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The only reason I'd sit one out

Perhaps, getting to help pit and support the cyclists known as Juniors in their next 24hr adventure would give me the only excuse to finally sit out a solo 24.

After reading the blogs and comments from Jeff, Jay, and Mountaingoat I really have had some time this week to sit and reflect on the JUNIORS. I'm referring to not only the EXPO Juniors but also the juniors from MARS.

Aris, Theo, Brandon, Jordan, Phillip, Kyle, Myles, Mitch, Nate, Caleb, Gage and Griffin - They are all fast. And for some odd reason know just how to act on a National stage. No chicken-like strut, raised eyebrows or obnoxious 'barks' as they roll through the transition tent. Just flat-out put the hammer down riding with a nice and polite "thank you" as they passed everybody with ease.

You read all the stories of how the Chris/Josh battle was one for the ages. It was. However, the Junior race was a dog fight till the end that most certainly would make it into the same chapter. EXPO led lap one only to lose it the next lap with a flat and a taco'd wheel. From lap 2 thru 14 they would see the deficit expand to as much as 22 minutes.

Folks, A cloud of concern had begun to roll in.

And before anybody had a chance to throw in the towel, the lead and leader had completely swapped by lap 17. What better way to spend your 4:30am lap than to have your littlest Bro make the pass for the Junior Title Lead and then zoom by his biggest bro to get to break the news. Who needs energy drinks, when a solo rider can get that kind of an adrenalin boost.

Lap 18 - The lead changed back to the Sharks.

Lap 19 - EXPO got it right back.

Lap 20 - Theo went out with the lead. He was caught just before Twinkie Hill (half way point of lap). Most kids would crack, but Theo kept the deficit to only 45 seconds.

Lap 21 - Aris leaves the transition tent 45 seconds after the sharks. On any other day or any other lap, Aris overtakes a 45second lead within a few miles and gets to roll through the finish line with his usual smile. But, when someone from a four-person 24hr team is asked to produce a 7th lap, all bets are off. It was just too much for even Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters.

He rolled through the Red Bed Checkpoint 1min30sec back. At that point, his legs had started to give. The EXPO Junior team lost by less than 5minutes. They lost by less than 5 minutes in a 24 HOUR race that included a flat and a taco'd wheel. However, as Jeff would say, that's Racin'.

And now that I can look back at the most amazing span of 24hours I have spent(seriously, what better way is there to spend 24hours than riding your bike non-stop). It's not the result or the swag that makes the competitor. It is the performance. It is the performance under pressure.

If there ever was a time or reason for Family, Friends and Sponsors to truly appreciate why they support us as athletes, this is it. These kids are why we do what we do.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Aris "I Got The Fastest Junior Lap at 24-9" Peters just made a Dirtrag blog post...Maybe it gets to print

Well, yesterday I took B and J to WNR for some work-out-the-legs work. I got in one lap while everyone raced. Saw the bro Theo too.

Today was a fixie commute to work.

I may not be totally ready to race XC this weekend, I'm gonna do it anyways. Cause I want to.

I have to BIGGEST itch to race for 24 again.

I have to dig deep and get a new roof. (how do you say roof?)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

24-9 Nationals Race Report

Not too many changes were made to my bikes before this year's 24-9. However, of the few, was one huge change that changed my race. Just weeks before the start we received a shipment of some ERGON GR2 grips. Those grips kept me on the bike for 24 straight hours. All be it sometimes slow, I rode every climb to the end.

Nutrition on the cycling side was exclusively Clif Shots and Clif Shot Bloks. On the human side: Peter Balistreri. He is the head chef at my favorite Italian restaurant, Sala Da Pranzo, near the UWM campus in Milwaukee. He whipped up the most amazing Bolainez sause w/pasta that truly gave me the night energy I needed. So, now add in his natural pit man instincts and he becomes a man you will do anything for in order to keep pitting for you in the future. He helped run and organize the entire race. He met me at Red Bud every single lap and never showed defeat in his face. THANK YOU Pete! You rocked.

Polska did me the favor of holding my bike during the LeMans start.

Endurosnob snuck in for a little EXPO pre-race treatment. Gotta love the perks.

We were still 5 or so minutes from the start. My nerves still hadn't hit me.

The countdown was on. If finally was able to elbow Aris to tell him "It finally hit me".
The start went well...Aris got out front, and I didn't lose any bottle neck time on the first lap.
Aris and Carloski were 1-2 on the bikes.

John G heading out for lap one.
So after lap one I was running in 1st. Feeling great. Feeling fast.
Then lap two hits me. My seat post starts sliding down mm by mm. I didn't notice it until it was just too late. The heat, Watching the SS Nation pass me like I wasn't moving, The BMX style riding. It all played a roll in creating my poor mental state during the early hours. I hit Red Bud to tell Pete to measure the post on my second bike so I could just take the second bike without having to wait. (note for future: Write down all measurements prior to race).
My body just didn't want to go. I watched 7 singlespeeders over the next two laps. Sean Reeder, 2008 SS National 24hr Champ, was the first to pass me. He never looked back. Then it was Endurosnob. He was flying, so fast that he injected fear straight into my ass. Then it was Hal, friend of Paddy's, who rode with me just long enough to say that we were in it for the long haul.
And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. Joe Partridge zooms by me so fast all he could do was reach out and touch my side. He added in a look of "What the...?". I tried so hard to get on his wheel in the Red Bud section. Of course, he knew I would try that too, he was GONE. I was DONE, mentally at least.
Lap four, Dallas Sigurdur caught me, then rode with me. We talked the good talk. Then he stopped for water at an aid station. I left him behind with a slight feeling of 'feel good'. Short lived it was cause he stormed by me as if he never stopped.
By the start of lap 5 I was sitting in 8th place. Not where you want to be. However, I was riding consistently slow, so why not stay on the bike. I was only a lap or so from the start (the race doesn't start till night)
Buckwheat knows where to hang.

Joe Horvath was another superstar wrench. He cleaned and prepped a EXPO junior bike every lap as well as my spare bike whenever needed. The favor will be returned this cross season. Thanks Joe!

Time for lights and time for Assos. Endura FS260-Pro Bibshorts carried me the distance. Extremely comfortable and consistent, they never broke down. They have passed the 24hr test. I love'em.

Aris double checked my light set-up one last time. The fastest junior still finds time to help out his bro. (note: Theo already did in the pic above) The bros were always on the lookout for me.
One last swig of water and I was off for a whole new ride.

The night seemed like a blur. I didn't want to know the time or my lap count. I was feeling too good to have times bring me down. I just started to feel faster and faster. I caught a SS here and a SS there. I would even catch Pete by surprise at Red Bud cause I would hit it early. Before I knew it, the crew told me I was in fifth.
I wanted to get even faster. My batteries would take me two laps so I would tell Pete at Red Bud to give me bottles and food at the transition tent instead of the pit. That way I would pit while I am already off the bike. That's how the night went. Quick pit, change batteries/eat, Quick pit, change batteries/eat. I reeled everyone but Sean back. The night provided me my 3rd and 4th fastest laps and a podium spot for a third year in a row.

It is races like these that have me just marvel at what the body can do. I have never felt such lows AND so many highs in the same race. Anything truly can happen in 24hours.

SPONSORS again gave me the tools. Thank you ERGON, Clif Bar, Trek, Oakley, Lazer, Endura, Expedition Supply, Light & Motion, WTB and last but not least, my crew!

Trixie, For weeks you deal with my ornery ass, only to forget it all and support me like no other.

Oh, yeah. Muddy Cup - even when they are closed, they make me three Strawberry smoothies for some post race goodies.

The crew - minus Kyle, Jeff, Deanna, John and Kathy.
Shelley, Phil, Pops, Me, The "O", Trixie, Aris, Pete, Brandon, Joe. Bottom - Griff and Jordan.
I think next year takes us to Zona...

Monday, August 4, 2008

EXPO Gets on the Box

First and foremost! Congratulations to Scott Cole for owning 5th place in the Men's Solo Championship.

EXPO Juniors were within 5 minutes of the Stars and Stripes. An amazingly hard fought battle was put forth. They didn't disappoint.

John G and Jeff fought hard to earn a spot on the Men's Duo Championship Podium.

I had a nice lap one only to fall all the way into 8th by my fifth lap. As they say, the race doesn't start till night. 2nd place.
Much much more to come. Especially Thank You's.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

An EXPO Update

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An EXPO Update

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Friday, August 1, 2008

An EXPO Update

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