Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EXPO Racing Leaves for MTB Nationals

The only cat not pictured would be the Theo Peters. Regardless, Joe Horvath killed it in the EXPO Round 2 Photoshoot. Look out for us folks, opponents beware, we're coming, we're coming, we're coming.

12 kids
16 bikes
3 truck
2 trailers
200 bottles
2 spare wheel sets
10 iPods

We are pumped. Stay right here for the latest updates on our quest for XC supremacy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The (growing) EXPO Juniors List set for Nationals

The rider list is up to 12! These kids are in for one hell of an experience!!

Ryan Oconnell - Oak Forest, IL - 16
Jordan Watkins - Marshfield, WI - 14
Brandon Watkins - Marshfield, WI - 16
Emily Shull - Libertyville, IL - 15
Liz Shull - Libertyville, IL - 16
Myles Beach - Larsen, WI - 16
Kyle Warras - Waukesha, WI - 17
Nathan Labecki - Milwaukee, WI - 16
Theodore Peters - Hartford, WI - 18
Mitchell Bogardus - Kenosha, WI - 16
Gage Rodriguez - Kenosha, WI - 16
Andrew Schmidt - Edgerton, WI - 10

This weekend at the Subaru Cup you will be able to help send our EXPO Juniors out to Colorado for the National Championships. You will see the EXPO Tent within the Subaru Cup Consumer Expo. We will be selling The new EXPO Racing T's, EXPO Stickers, and $5 or 5 for $20 Drawing Tickets. When you buy a Drawing Ticket you will be entered into a Drawing for a SET of Hayes Stroker Disc Brakes. Word on the street is there may be a fork added to the drawing as well... Be sure to stop by the tent to see all the $$$ items that make it into the Give Away.

T's will sell for $10 and Stickers will be $1 and $3.

Every single dollar will go directly into making this monumental trip just that much more possible.

Big Thanks goes out the the Tour of America's Dairyland for donating the sweet set of Hayes Disc Brakes! If you can't make it to Mt. Morris, then be sure to hit up the Downer Ave. ToAD race this Saturday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

EXPO Pre/Post wear: $10

Loved to ok the "press check". This shirt will hold double value. 1) Raw style and, if you have an ounce of desire for one of these bad boys, 2) rest assure every dime will go towards sending our Juniors out to Granby, CO for the Mountain Bike National Championships.

First chance to get your hands on one of these will be at the WORS Subaru Cup this weekend. Of course you can send me an email(left sidebar).

Women's Specific shirts are available as well: EXPO Green shirt with Purple print.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunburst preps for Nats...

Andy aka EXPO Prodigy ups the weekly intensity and throws out his first win of the season, and a top 10 overall. Seems to be perfectly timing out his push for a National Championship. Yeah, he is coming with us to Nationals.

I am sure you a wish you knew what the Shull Sisters were doing during the week... Emily won her group and took 7th overall in the Sport Women.

Riley was fresh off the Trek 100 the day before, gets on his first podium of his season: 3rd. I guess some people can handle an XC race the day after a century...

Liz Shull races Jr. X, but goes off with the Pro Women. 15th Overall within the Pro and Cat 1 Women.

It wasn't the best weekend for the EXPO juniors racing in the Jr. X class. However, Kyle was able to keep EXPO on the BOX. So far this season, if Kyle toes the line he gets on the BOX. Consistency will be key in this year's series results. This Junior group this year is just too talented.

What has been going on since Sunburst? Well, the Shulls, Myles(5th in 6hr) and Aris(3rd in 3hr) did work at the 12hrs of John Muir and Nate is working towards a top 5 in the cat4 Tour of America's Dairyland.
Up NEXT: Subaru Cup and the Midwest Regional Championships. Look for EXPO in the Consumer Expo throughout the weekend. We will be selling T-shirts, tickets and decals to raise money to help send our EXPO Juniors out to MTB Nationals in Granby, CO. What are the tickets for? We will throw those into a hat for some legit Hayes and Sram goodies, I mean legit! Much much info and details to come! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EXPO Sponsored Pasta Dinner

After you pre-ride the course @ Sunburst come to the Peters for Pasta

The Peters Home For Boys
1429 Kilkee Road
Hartford, WI 53027

Saturday, June 12 – 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Come early or come late – pasta will be available.
World Cup Soccer and Camp Fire

If you want to stay at our house, there is plenty of floor space; or you can set-up your tent in our yard; includes breakfast the next morning!

All bikers & their families are welcome.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few pics here and a few pics there. WORS #3 - Trek Big Ring Classic was a blast, as it always is.

No fly on the tent always means good things. Buckwheat at least stays when told(when we are watching).

Jordan aka JDubs rode much faster on his new Jay build. Kona, Sun Ringle, Hayes, Answer, and Ergon make this bike scream to be rode fast. Jordan did! Jay built this beauty from scratch on the Friday before the weekend!

Andy aka EXPO Prodigy takes mental notes at the start of the Open Junior (Jr. Cat 1/2) start.

Look closely, Riley had to tumble over a crash before he could even spike his heart rate. Note to self, stay in the front third.

Riley talks about the start crash, while Brandon and Ryan trade stories of their podium trips.

Great to see Brian this year! Sporting the National Champion Jersey of yours truly. He looks much better in it than I would this year.

Liz towards the front in the Women's Elite field. She's 16. Pic by Edge on Flickr.

Another great one by Edge. Finally we get a glimpse of Myles. Caleb was getting ready to test the fields legs in just a few short miles... then Myles said bye to all.