Sunday, July 8, 2007

Blue Mound Death March

Beat down. What a hard course.

Headed southwest to Blue Mound State Park Fri night. We got there a tad bit too late to get in any type of pre ride...oops. This was the first 12hr race that I didn't have to get up a 4:30am. Really nice being on site. 7am pits were set up and the bike was prepped. 7:56am - Crap! Aris, go get the pump. Hurry! I maxed the front tire, felt the back. Na, the back doesn't need it. 8am GO!!! I wasn't too far off the front after the run. One mile in and I was riding first single speed. 4miles in I dropped to second. 1st Single stretched a 3min lead on me after lap 1.

lap 2 - 32 x 16 was WAY too hard of a gear for this course. Every other single out there seemed to be running 32 x 21 or easier. I had to make a change. Aris and Theo were on a mad hunt for a cog while I was out on the second lap. Jeff caught me on the last climb of lap one. I did a rolling pit while he stopped. One mile later on lap 2 he caught back up and passed me. Then put the hammer down to catch back up to ride with him. It worked. We rode together for a bit, then PINCH psssssss. Rear tire went flat. Crap! Good thing I brought 2 co2's. Not blowing up the rear at the start came back to pinch me. I slowly fixed the flat. In a rush I decide to pop a rear disc brake pad out. Nothing like doubling your down time.

Lap 3 - Swapped bikes. thanks Theo. Bike #2 was rigid with the same gearing. Double hard.

Lap 4 - Finally! 32 x 18. Much better. Now everything bike related is good. The heat decides to kick in. It has been a long time since I sweat this much. I need salt!

By this point. 3 laps of over gearing, a flat, and a fallen out pad, and I was down 25min to first. No chance to bring him back unless he bonks. Few more laps and I begin to think about 24-9. Maybe I should call it so I can still ride a bike next week. Good Idea. I pulled in to the pits in second. I was feeling great. Call me Sally, I'm done. After about an hour of smiling and hanging out....I'm still in second. Why not go back out. I did. Aris rode with me. That lap was the most fun I have had in a super long time. My last lap was was even more fun. EXPO Racing three strong. Aris and Theo rode with me. Second Place. I'll take it.

We look scared. So we should be.

This bike was the absolute perfect bike for this course. Minus the over gearing.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words. This course was tough! Way to go Jeff! A solid 6th place in the 12hr Solo.

Props to the little guys. Kerkove, you had better look out!

Hard core. Brandon and Jordan did the 6hr Duo. If anyone knows anything about Blue Mounds, then you know why they were the ONLY two youths to have the balls to take on this course. RIGID too.

This course is so gnarly, it gives you a mohawk after your first lap.

All smiles. Why? He did it on a rigid single speed.

Chris Tamborino threw down a 5th place in the 3hr race.

John G rolled his front tire off the rim on lap one. Still managed a 15th in the 3hr.

Thanks to this woman. I am 100% confident going in to 24-9. My pit worked flawlessly. She killed it all day. She was always a step ahead of me. Always.
If you weren't riding ERGON grips, call me. I might have your hands. Thanks much Mr. Kerkove. It was great to finally meet you in person.
PS - for those that are wondering, he really is 10ft tall.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Really? I am that tall? I thought I was average. Anywho....we all need to look out for the little mohawk super freaks.