Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just for you Russell!

Russell, you asked for it! Russell, you get it! Aristotle Peter Peters made his track racing debut finishing a solid 5th place out of 6 juniors Tuesday night at the Kenosha VeloDrome.

Being the beginner he is...he pulled and pulled and pulled the entire group the first bunch of laps...just long enough to not have the energy needed for the final sprint at the end! Glad he made it down there - I am looking to add Kenosha to my own schedule next week to check it out. Way to Go Aris! Holly, thanks for the pics!
All I can say is..Russell, you better look out! The grass skirt is coming!

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Russell said...


Aris looked decent out there - a little more experience and he too may soon be earning him some cheezeburger money.