Thursday, May 31, 2007

Camera cord is lost

No Clif Bar update pics. That is thanks to a lost camera cord. EXPO Rider and Clif Bar connection Jeff Frings dropped off the 2007 Goodie bag!!! Mojo, Shot Bloks, Shots n BarsOh My. Along with some stickers. I love stickers!

Some more 12hr @ Gears photos of Jeff along with a short video of the 6hr start.
Love that kit!

EDIT: First time posting a vid on the BLOG. For some reason I can't get it to work. Here is the direct link to my photobucket account...

Today's ride was very eventful to say the least. I got 2hours of great spinning out towards my parent's house. 2hours 1minute = hail. for the next 45min I would get soaked. It was almost fun. Really. I made it to my mom and dad's house and stripped my clothes and threw them in the dryer. I ate a ham sammy and searched the house for some butt juice. Damn! No Butt Butter! Now what? Ride. I hopped back on the bike to hit the hilly portion of my ride(keep in mind I am over an hour off the bike) which really hurt. 30minutes in to ride #2, RAIN!!!! I was pumped. I put the hammer down and really started to turn the cranks. I was flying. POP! I snapped a spoke in the rear wheel. Wheel started to wobble. I was done. forced to walk in the pouring rain. I phoned home screaming. After an hour of walking my wife and Pops came to the rescue. I was pissed and very crabby.

Thank you Christie

Thank you Dad

Wednesday Nitght shoot?

Is EXPO Racing really becoming that popular?

I got a quick call from Mr. Jeff Frings to do some riding out at Lapham Peak instead of some $5 Wednesday Night Racing (WNR). I am pretty sure this shot is worth more than $5 bucks. I would like to give thanks to all my sponsors, Lazer, ERGON, CLIF, TREK and Oakley who have allowed me to be-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time.

The greatest benefit from no WNR is my legs are absolutely primed for a big one today! I AM BACK ON SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOO!

More to come later...CLIF update...more Gears shots....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

EXPO, Please expand beyond your wildest dreams!

Well, Shelley finally gave me the go to fix Brandon's bike 4 days before WORS #3. Brandon is running a rigid singlespeed this year. It is a converted geared bike with vertical drops. He has DNF'd the first two races with busted singulators.

One chain stay mounted - twisted.
Two pyramid singulators - both times the wheel breaks right off.

What has led to the delay in fixing his bike has been...Do we get another singulator? or Do we build up a ENO rear wheel?

Decision was to go for singulator #4. I could easily get another pyramid, but it will break. Word on the street is the Surly singulator will break just as fast but costs twice as much. Those are the two in-stock options I have. In-stock means that I have already have called all the local shops and those are my options.

So now the story is set. I gave the state's larget bike shop a call (Wheel n Sprocket) in hopes of scoring a order to be delivered by Friday. I wanted a QBP product DMR STS singulator. I called and talked to a service dude. Name? unknown. Here is how it goes...

Me - How do I go about ordering parts?
W&S - You need to come in to the store?
Me - I need to come in the store?
W&S - Yup?
Me - The part I need is from QBP. How often do you guys order from them?
W&S - well, we usually need to hit $1,100 minimum.
Me - So there is really no way for me to get the part by friday then?
W&S - Nope, not really. Unless we could get the part from someone else...
Me - Is there a way for you to find out before I would make the drive out there?
W&S - We are actually really busy, I wouldn't be able to check right now.
Me - Alright.?.
W&S - Alright, Sorry. Have nice day.

You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!

MC, Get your butt down to the South Side! I need you!

Expedition Supply has never once turned me down with a QBP order. Not once. Minimum? If there is one, it has never been used as an excuse. The only problem with them...They have stayed in my hometown and I haven't. So rather me move back, why don't you expand south???
Team Dicky says he's done. So do I! Never again will I do another W&S again.
PS. Please don't rain

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Legs felt sluggish today

Legs felt very sluggish today. I planned on doing 70miles, but ended up with under 40 in 2 hours. That Century must have taken alot out of me. With a light day today I should be roaring to go for Wednesday Night Racing! Getting pumped for that. Remind me to throw a rant down about Wheel n Sprocket...They did not make me happy today.

Hey Chris...Sometime this week ya wanna practice with some Co2's? lol, JK dude!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

What a weekend!

Here is how the story goes. I am unable to attend the first WEMS race of the year due to a family wedding. So while EXPO riders Chris, Jeff and John along with fellow ERGON athlete Lee Unwin are hucking hard at 12 Hours of Gears I am owning the dance floor getting down to Hanson's "mmmmbop". Ok, ok ok. If I had to give up a race, it would have to be Family based. I had a absolute blast at my cousin Beth's wedding. I only had a half a beer too!

So I send out a "good luck" to the team and asked if any of them would be willing to write up a race report from GEARS. Well, what can I say? I was not let down one bit! Great write-ups guys.

Thanks Chris and Jeff!!!!!!

Along comes Sunday. I was already hearing talks Sat night of Bro Aris bailing out on the ride home from Mad Town. I was to do the ride home solo which was fine. I woke up around 10:30ish. Rode the bike to State St. for a Mocha n Muffin. Ate. Gave Aris some crap. Changed. I was on the road 10minutes to Noon. I took the exact same route across the state. I had the gift of a really NICE tail wind almost all the way home. Before I left made the statement "I'm just going to ride home". Well, 60miles in to it I was feeling really good. I made it twords my parents house and started to head south. The south side of Milwaukee. I knew it was going to be over 90miles total. I was feeling so so so good! I was on a high. I sprinted the last 100 blocks home. Rode up to the house to see Christie and Buckwheat out on the lawn. I plopped right down on the freshly cut lawn(thanks Trixie) and took a Buckwheat shower. He loves the salt.

After 30minutes on Yahoo maps trying to make the route exact to the one I rode. I had about 15 or so checkpoints listed. 105.1 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 Hours even. I completed my first ever Century Ride! FIXED baby! I feel so good today. It is so much fun feeling good to be sore. So, next time anybody wants to do a 100 you can meet at my house. I'll treat to Ian's za on State St. afterwards.

EXPO Represents at 12 Hours of Gears

12 hrs. of Gears

Left to go to the course early to pre-ride a lap and see who was all there. Pulled in under cloudy skies with cool temps and a slight chance of rain –perfect conditions. Got there just in time to see Jeff Frings get off to a good start on hit the trails around 7th or so in the 6 hr. solo race. Jeff seemed to ride a smooth consistent race with his later laps getting quicker to roll in for 7th overall. John Gregorski and myself lined up for the 3 hr. solo event and at 3:00 pm sharp we hit the trails. John too had a good clean race from the looks of it and finished off in tenth.
I had an interesting day. Got an awesome start getting underway in second behind Carlos and then getting caught by Ron Stawicki early on, which I expected. Followed those two for a couple of laps when Ronsta got around Carlos and decided to up the pace. That was the last I saw of them. I could see John Miller slowly gaining on me and after a couple more laps he caught me and we rode together for a while. John started to pull away and I settled in to 4th just trying to hold out till the end and stay strong. About half way through I hit a small rock in a fast sweeping corner and hit the ground hard. Got back up with a few bumps and bruises and carried on. About 15 minutes later I felt the squirming squishy feeling of a flat rear tire. Crap. Pulled over to fix it and watched a bunch of guys stream by and wondered how many were in my group. Got going pretty quick and started to repass all the guys who just got by me. Felt good from then on and stayed on the gas all the way to the finish to hold on to 4th overall. Pretty happy considering everything.

Expo Racing had a good showing with all 3 riders out on the course together for a while, no dnf’s and everyone made it to the finish of their races. The Kenda’s stuck like glue, the Lazers and the Ergons were cool and comfy and the Clif bars kept everyone fueled till the end.

Chris Tamborino
Jeff Frings in action
Speaking of Jeff Frings...Here is race report #2
I think the word is out on the WEMS races. The competition is getting tougher and tougher, andthere's more of it.The weather was perfect for a race, a little peek of sun from time to time, temps in the 60's and just arandom sprinkle of rain. Course was great as always. Those Pedal Moraine folks really know how to put on a race. The new section of singletrack through the pines was pretty tight, but it got more fun as the day wore on and you needed an excuse to slow down a bit. It was good to see the other EXPO guys and fun to race for the first time in the new kit. Chris T. ended up 4th and John G. rounded out the top ten in 3 hour. In the 6 hour solo, two years ago at the same race I did 61.6 miles and ended up on the podium. This year I did 67.2 and ended up 7th. The legs felt a bit sluggish, but that just means one thing... intervals. ugh... Anyhow the only thing missing was the rest of the team. I have to give a huge shout out to Deanna for the awesome support. Every lap she had exactly what I needed to keep me moving the whole 6 hours. Maybe a recovery spin today and then maybe another race???

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Legs feel great

ok. Y'all. Suweeet ride to mad town yesturday. We got off to a very late start. But our legs made up for it real quick. Aris and I are running the identical gear 48 x 16 which made the chit chat real easy. Which is nice. We easily pushed 20+mph. No lie!Those grips are sooo cool looking.Hey. Look at me. No feet!CLIF Shot Bloks kept us going strongA big shout out to the TREKies! Yeah baby!!!!!!!

Finish strong with some Ian's pizza by the slice before making it to the hotel.

I can smell it. Some cog hardware should be coming our way real soon. Good Luck @ Gears! Stay dry.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Good luck EXPO Racing @ Gears!!!!!

Off to Mad Town with the bro Aris. I am stoked. I can't wait to "cool down" in downtown Madison. The route looks very close to 70miles. Lets see how long we can push 20mph?

A big GOOD LUCK to EXPO Racing at the 12 Hours of Gears in New Fane. Chris T. is a forsure GO! John G. and Jeff are still up in the air.

If all goes well we might see a race report from the "3hr Man to Beat"

Good luck Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Wednesday Night Wrong Turn

The first time at a race pace felt really really really great! With that said, it was a not-so-good night. JW and I headed out on the 6mile warm up ride southwest to Crystal Ridge. Ride was easy going. Showed up to the race site...They don't take check card! An IOU was given with 10minutes till race time. JW was to do two 4mile laps with two really nice climbs per lap. Each lap is also littered with ultra twisty single track. I (one of the big boys) had to do three laps.

Start - I got to the top of the start climb in about 7th position. I was able to hold it all the way to the first section of singletrack.

Lap 1 - Breathing ultra hard, I tried to keep the lead group in sight. Exit first section of single on to a gravel road. I proceeded about 50yards down the road entering what I thought was the course. At least it was the course last year. I then worked my way back that same 50 yards through some very familiar singletrack...WHOAAA! Who are all these people in front of me! They must have cut the course! Pass pass pass I did.

Lap 2 - I felt pretty good. I made tons of passes on lap one. I ran the EXACT same lap as the first. All of the sudden, I come up behind the same people I had passed on lap one! I must be going crazy. Oh well, pass pass pass I did again...

Lap 3 - Realized I was missing the turn that would shave tons of time off my lap. Lap 1 27:03, Lap 2 25:29, Lap 3 23:50!!!!

Well. I made EVERY climb seated in my saddle, on my singlespeed. What does that say? I'm spinning out on the flats. I'm running a way too easy gear. 32 x 16 on the rigid 69er.

What do I do next Wednesday? Follow the correct course. Run A harder gear. 36 x 16 maybe. Maybe.

Friday side note: Prob close to 70miles with the Bro Friday late afternoon. I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Night Racing

Mid week race pace! I will do the 6mile warm up ride there with the 69er. I am geared a little low, so keeping up with Chris will be tough. 3 laps @ 20+ minutes per lap. Then the 6mile ride back home. This is actually my very first "race" of the year!

I'm still working on the photo gallery.

I also have the Medici preped for the Mad Town ride on Friday. Aris! I hope your ready!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

EXPO Racing

A few more random shots...I am presently working on an online photo album which will allow high res FREE images. Wish me luck. I really think the Kit turned out HOT. Of course, without EXPO and Lazer and ERGON and Clif and Trek and Oakley and Trixie, we would only look luke warm. SO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closer to 60miles on Saturday

I had a great ride down to Delavan on Saturday. Very close to 60miles in 3.5hours(SAFG).

WORS #2 Turned out wet n very good on Sunday.

Aristotle Peters 1st (Thanks Rusty)
Chris Tamborino 1st
Jordan Watkins 2nd
Thoedore Peters 4th
Brandon Watkins DNF (3rd singulator to go bad in as many weeks)

I was able to take tons of pics.

Tried to ride home after all the pics were taken. Well, no water all morning and no lunch led to a very large BONK. A "I could barely turn the cranks" kind of BONK. 2hours 15minutes and I was done.

I have decided to debut my mad skills at WORS #3(Marathon #1)....look out!

Thanks so much to Sarah and Johnathon. The BEST hosts!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gettin ready for a 50plus one way on Saturday. I got 1 maybe 2 tours. Then I'm off (on the bike) (4PMish) to Lake Geneva for WORS #2. We will see how my legs feel for Sunday. I might not race, but ride back home (50plus) instead. I will be taking tons of pics no matter what. You know we will be sporting the new kit!

I still can't decide what bike to take??? SAFG or Medici?

See yall Sunday night or something like that.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

3hours 35minutes (10minutes faster thanks to ERGON)

I got to sleep in for the first time in long long while. 9:45 I had Buckwheat licking on my face. Hit the bathroom. Ate one large bowl of Craklin' Oat Bran, my bestest cereal, finishing the box. Took the dog out to do his business. Took the ERGON's off the 69er to put them on the SAFG. What a difference! On my way home the past few rides I have noticed my shoulders shrugging. Almost to the point that they can almost touch my ears. I have been taking that as my core isn't where I want it to be. My arms give up and no longer can support my upper body. All this stress gets taken out on my wrists. SEE LEFT. Those Pedro's Lock-on grips, all be it good, just didn't aid in my lacking core strength. I would get back from a 3ish hour ride and have to slowly force my hand back (inwards) bending at the wrist. Ooooh! the pain. Well today was another story. Either these grips should be forced on to all bikes Nation wide via federal mandate, or USA Cycling can offer $5.00 credit to all registered races pulling up to start lines w/ERGON. I was 10 minutes Faster than Tuesday's ride! I was flicking my wrist like Derik on Orange Mocha Frapp DAY!!! I just felt so spunky. light on the pedals.

Also today was a first with part of the new kit. Shorts w/out bibs. They felt very loose. So much I was afraid they would fall down when out of the saddle. Once on the bike they felt golden. My legs felt free-er than ever. As if I was riding nude. Never fell down once. looked cool too. I can't wait to really put these to the test in my first Enduro.

My ride something like 50+miles. A very specific route. One that yields the most climbs. I seek climbs much like the Pac Man seeks the fruit. I head directly east for 20 miles. Little climb here, little climb there. Trust me though, when riding the SAFG, any climb forces me out of the saddle. Out of the saddle is good. Also the the SAFG sends the Roadies Beware message out during any road closings. Although, I must admit, for a month straight I have seen all but one cyclist on my route. Just one.

At about mile 21 it turns real good. Gear mashing time. What you are about to see is perhaps the steepest and longest climb I have ever seen within 50miles from my house...Also, keep in mind. Pictures never do anything justice. EVER!

What you see is the first half. The FIRST HALF!!

Half way to the top. That drive way is about where my arms begin to give up. I DO not let them. I used to, not any more. That is what I love about MY climb. It is my meter.

YES! I made it. Half way = the top when riding FIXED w/out brakes. Now the hard part. Switchback all the way down to do it one more time. I absolutely love riding my bike. I really do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What allows me to enjoy "training". FIXED

Bianchi SASS (SAFG)
solid, very solid.
44 x 16
48 x 16
My daily rides. Always fixed. Always fast. The SASS burns the legs non-stop. The Medici can fly.

2007 Team Kit

Buckwheat w/transition cutouts
Matching socks

Quit looking at my butt

Longsleeve BABY

They even came in Junior sizes!

Bib Shorts, shorts, shortsleeve, longsleeve, sleeveless, wind jacket, winter jacket, winter vest. All thanks to Expedition Supply @ Helmets by Lazer. Socks and bikes by Trek. Eyewear by Oakley. Energy by Cliff. Grips by ERGON.

We will be ripping it up!

38mph Head first

I strolled over to Mr. 24's "BLOG" this morning and saw this. I have now tightened my straps.

EXAM 3 of 3 is just over an hour away.

I just opened a bag of M&m's and counted 55 pieces. 1.65oz size. Thanks to my "BLOG" I finally have a place to keep track of these kinds of things.

Jerseys are prepping for their photo shoot tonight. I bet you can't wait.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

3hrs 45minutes

26in 2.4wide knobbies.

44 x 16 fixed

15mph average

apple juice + H2O

3hrs of chilly rain

3 natural casing dogs

1 hot shower

3 quizes due in 2.5 hours

EXAM 2 0f 3 @ 5:30pm

My dog is tired today

The Jerseys look quite bad ass. I'll show ya soon. Very soon.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Since my mom doesn't read this

We already gots our jerseys. I thought I would creat a little suspense by just showing you the art today. Designed by yours truely. Months a months of art changes and color choices. I finally came up with ERGON green and black (and a little purrrrrrr)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Real Reason

Ok. The real reason I started this "Blog" thing.

EXPO Racing

EDIT. Chris TambOrino.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Boys, Girls and former pets.

I have had it. I am sick and tired of reading and looking and reading everyone elses "blogs". Now I get to read my blog. In the next week, you will have caught up to me. I will do my absolute best to post as much as possible. Unlike. I will not be as popular as or .. I do not look as good as your mother nor do I eat after 10:00pm. I am a student, a tutor, a worker, a lover and a bicycle rider.

Student: I attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Two more year till I'm teachin.

Tutor: I tutor soon-to-be teachers how to teach kids MATH at my former Milwaukee Area Teah College.

Worker: Other than getting paid to ride my bike. I think my current job ranks quite high. I am a Segway tour guide.

Lover: As of yesterday, my girlfriend and I have been doin it right for 10 years! I will have been with my wife for 2 years this summer. I love my dog too, he respects me.

Bicycle Rider: I ride as much as possible. I race as often as I can. The team is EXPO Racing.

You will be informed...