Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Light & Motion

These past few months have been absolutely CRAZY. I have been doing everything in my power to collect some of the best products in the industry. "Everything in my power" usually means emptying my pockets. Which is fine, at least to me. I mean, who wouldn't want to be riding wearing using the best products. I know I may look like a pro(scroll ALL the way down), but i am far from it. Do I ride as if I am one? Yes! Do I wish I was one? Yes! Do our sponsors make me feel like one? No Doubt! All of EXPO Racing's sponsors have really bent over backwards for me and my team. Expedition Supply and ERGON have, to my surprise, treated our team very much like we are a true PRO team. Literally. Trek, Lazer, Oakley, have taken us under your bosom and made our riding enjoyment oh-so-wonderful. And now, the bike light monster has come to the rescue. Light & Motion, I love you. As 24-9 draws near, I start to panic. I need this, this and this. Oh yeah, and this! Ooops. All this stuff costs a lot. I own two light & Motion ARC systems, Love'm. Each system comes with one battery. One per system however just isn't enough to get me through a 24hr race....

Lets just say L&M came thru BIG TIME! Batteries are no longer on my "worry list".

Thank you.

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rustytoolshed said...

What - no post on how Aristotle made his track racing debut?