Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The taper down has begun. I had planned to head to Kenosha for some track racing tonight, but this post keeps going thru my mind. Also, if Scoletrain has given his last hard effort...I have given my last hard effort.

The charge/discharge cycle continues...

Littlest Bro, Theo, Has been asked to compete for the 24hr Junior Team National Championships. 4 13-14 year olds hope to shatter the dreams of all the stacked 17 year old teams. At least now there is a REALLY good chance a Peters' Boy makes it to the podium @ 24-9.

Jeff Frings gettin some mad press! Thats him sporting the Clif jersey in last year's tour de Road America
As for Wed. I will be hoping for no rain and some fun WNR. This will serve as a pre-ride for Brandon and Jordan's upcoming 60mile duo race on Saturday. I can't wait to finally be helping out in the pits! Good luck to Johnny G. and Chris T. who will be doing the 30mile! I'm still trying to twist Aris' arm to do the 100mile, but he is too whipped. Hey Aris - If I buy you a tandem singlespeed, would you do it?

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What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I'm not near as prevolent but I'm in that picture too, roughly center in a green jersey on a yellow bike, look closely, I'm in a few other pictures too in the flyer.