Friday, June 17, 2011

EXPO Racing - Nationals Fundraiser

EXPO Racing 2011 T is being sold as a fundraiser for our trip to the MTB National Championships in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Trixie and I will be taking as many as 12 Juniors on this year's trip. Every dollar counts, so get your orders in. We need to sell these babies fast. Last year's T's were 90% sold off by the end of Subaru Cup's Saturday.

If you are not going to be at Subaru Cup and want yours, you need to comment on this exact POST! I will only hold shirts to people who make direct arrangements with me in the comment section below.

Otherwise, it is first come, first serve. at the 2011 Subaru Cup

A select number of women's and men's tanks, youth sizes and Flat Bill caps will also be available.

Sales will start officially Saturday morning in the expo area of the Subaru Cup. If you can catch me in person at Mt. Morris Thursday or Friday, I might be able to hook you up.

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