Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tough Choices

Gotta work on homework BEFORE I ride today. Looks like I'll have to wait till Thursday for another big ride. It's the way it is.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

MMI 8 - Nice!

Thanks Mark for giving it a go, pulling me round town(Ok, I owe all a thanks for that), and taking some nice pics. MMI 8(Milwaukee Messenger Invitational) is in the books. Major mess-up early on my part. I couldn't find the secret check point. Wasted 15-20minutes once we found it. Otherwise we would have been pretty good. Route we chosen couldn't have been much better. Can't wait to try again next year. Young Blood ran a top notch event. I absolutely love these events. Time to hit up some "first fridays"...

I am sure more pics will begin to surface so stay tuned. Thanks to everyone who rode it out this year. We kept it safe and as fast as I could. MMI 9, you had better look out.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Do it

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dress for What?

Temps were in the 30's when I left this AM. 30minutes I pulled off and changed to lighter weight gloves and pulled a base off. I then found some new roads south of me that should keep me heading in that direction plenty this summer.

Get home just in time to shower and air out the Kashmirs. Change it up for close to 50degree temps on the commute. Out the door for Thursday afternoon classes. Great day it was. Many hours! Sorry Buckwheat.

MMI8 anyone? Be there or B-Square

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Got Wet

With knowledge of rain on the way, I opted to only get wet once, buy sitting on the trainer in the AM. Yes, I said sit. Nothing much out of the saddle to speak of. Just some simple spin spin for just over 60minutes.

Shower. Get some homework done. Change for Rain.

Commute to class was dry until half way. Then the rain came down pretty good. Answer Kashmir boots kept my feet totally dry. I was very happy about that. Knees got wet, that was it.

Met Trixie for din din and that was all she wrote.

Enjoy Hump Day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sidewalks and Lines

Fall in line Saturday morning for a really nice group ride with some super cool peeps. I honestly thought I'd only see two people I actually knew. I was wrong! Super fun. Tease. Chat. Hammer. Laugh. Get Pushed. And Pulled. Brandon "bBones" Watkins showed to prove he'd been training while trying out his first ever "group ride". I would have to say - He blew me away! He had the legs and the beginner's know-how to hold his own. I am super excited to see what he brings to the table come May.

Thanks Jay - For making me sweat on a Saturday Ride. Man did I need it!

Saturday night was Sidewalk Jam #1. Before you click play - You have been warned! What a FUN night to cap off a super Saturday. For some reason Nate and Brandon walked the other way...Tray and Tim put me to shame.

Major Props to Gage on his Birthday Win!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Race It.

I learned Gifs!

E   X   P   O

I had a blast making this one. So much, I may be interested in making one for YOU!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ENDURA Ups Sponsorship for 2009

After years of dedicated support to EXPO Racing, Endura wants to upgrade the relationship to Custom Clothing. We couldn't be more excited! Not just jerseys and shorts either. They are helping EXPO out in every way possible - Skinsuits, Long and short sleeves, jackets x 5, bibs, hats, arm warmers, socks, team bags, booties, knee warmers, neck tubes and gloves...

You are sure to flip out as much as we once these goods arrive. We will certainly be showing off what Endura is capable of this season. However, don't fret, they can take care of you too - Custom Clothing.

If any of you own just one Endura item, you know what is in store for us. We can't wait.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Like Summer

Sonic is here! Sonic is here! No wait...They don't like cyclists! 20 cars waiting in line to eat and get fat. Two cyclists pull up on St. Patty's to cheat their diet plans...Nope. Manager said nope. "You didn't drive in a car, so we can't serve you. Sorry.". It really didn't make sense that they didn't want to honor the "go green" peeps on St. Patty's Day.

Maybe they knew we wouldn't be repeat customers...If the manager was that smart, then I give him props.

Anywho. The weather was nice and the wind was like a slingshot today. I almost wish I had a freewheel. Not. Mint ice cream at Leon's tasted extra good today. Wednesday hopes to get me lost on the bike.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting to know your BD1

Today I attached a Lowepro camera case to the frame of the BD1. Looks like I found the best way for easy access to pocket-sized storage areas. No need to take the pack off. No need to worry about the pack covering up the pockets. Worked like a charm today. Camera and Shot Bloks fit perfectly.

Now, I have yet to confirm that this is thee answer, but I feel I am headed in the right direction for quick access storage during Trans Iowa. Suggestions are welcome.

Scroll down to Saturday's post and take a look at the path the hydro hose was taking. Now lookie here. After-market bladders always seem to provide a bit too short of a hose for Ergon pack use. Thread the short hose through the two given straps and eat up even more hose. My answer - Only use the last strap(pictured) for more freedom of movement and more hose, OR get a BH200 and be done with it.

Um yeah. Today was sooo fun. I sang songs and bobbed my head the whole ride. Cranks felt sweet. Sun felt amazing. Cars felt close. Legs felt the weight. I am feeling like tomorrow can't wait to do it again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clif Bar, Piss, Call Trixie

BD1 is becoming my best friend out on the road. Especially with the changing temps throughout the state/day and of course, Trans Iowa on its way.

You would have loved to see the faces of all the roadies on Lake Dr. as I strolled by...


Miles? WHo's counting? Just smile and turn those cranks. Today will be much of the same.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break #1

Today happens to mark the first day of Spring Break #1. I say #1 due to the presence of a #2 down the road(info latter). Lucky me. Saddle time is the name of the game, outdoor-saddle time to be exact.

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters finally(from a cycling lens) ended his Super Senior Basketball Season last night at the Al McGuire Center on the Marquette University campus. It was a tough battle in the sectional semi-final against the power house Germantown HS. I wouldn't be surprised if Germantown takes State this year.

Monday, March 9, 2009


New Kits are in the works...

...Endura would be the name
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Iceman Entry


If you don't get in, you didn't want to get in...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This bike won me my first attempt at 12hr solo SS race, the 12hs at John Muir 2004. What you see is as stock as it ever was. Setback post and bottle cage were the additions. This bike and that race hooked me into a culture that I hope never changes - WEMStyle'

Lets prep this baby up for cyclocross. Big ring it, skinny tires and Salsa Bell Lap. This bike hooked me up with Best Costume at the Washington Park Halloween CX 2005. Before the I darted off the line to take the Hole Shot at Sheboygan WORS #12...Only to lock the front brake and flip it on the pavement.

Enter the Fixed Gear years. Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 was the challenge. Fixed and Brakeless of course. The only bling missing from this pic that was in the actual race was some beautiful Profile BMX Cranks. I carried a fart machine in my back pocket and mounted the remote to the stem. Good time it was.

This configuration also scored me my first major bike related injury. Snow riding on Snowmobile trails round my parents house early spring. Steep descent that forces a fixie into safety mode. Turn those cranks like grandma to stay in control. Popped a pedal while pulling up - ditch the bike to avoid the tree. Separated shoulder.

The road warrior. 2.5in slicks. Switchblade fork. Yum. After a summer of riding, I began to get picky about the Axel-to-crown height...So I gave the fork to my Trek 9.9. And then the bike sat. It sat all winter.

Until late February 2009. I stay fixed. Surly 32t. Salsa Fork. Avid SL brake. Bonty Rubbers. Um. Yeah, I am lovin' this set up.

Endurance, Cyclocross, Fixed Fat 40, Separated Shoulder just to name a few. In today's world of all us wanna-be pro racers getting our 'new' race bikes yearly, how many of you can pin so many riding styles, stories, $$$, and fun into one and only one bike??? Exactly.

I definitely recommend selecting that lovely, lonely bike that sits in your shed. Put some tender love and care into it and see what happens. You just might fall in love with it all over again.