Thursday, August 30, 2007

a trixie posting

darwin enjoying the view from Uncle Aris'..also enjoying his last day being 21

stretching our legs at a pit stop off of highway 1

hello everyone..unfortuanately this is not fixedgeargus today, it is Trixie. Gus asked me to do a quick blog posting for him as he is currently out pre-riding the course with his right hand man, Aris.
first of all, i need to apologize that Gus has not made any postings the past few days. we were staying with our Uncle Aris in the middle of nowhere..literally. it was amazing!! we did not have any internet access and we couldn't even get a signal on our cell phones. we were at the hollister ranch..which is about 1 hour north of santa barbara.
today we made the drive up to monterey..on the way we dropped gus and aris off at bobcat cycles in salinas. gus and aris put together his second bike and now they currently are preriding. when they get back, we plan on doing a huge dinner for darwins birthday with friends of ours Mary and Pete Balistreri who also flew up for the race from WI.
tomorow will be a day of rest.
saturday of course is the big day. wish us all luck.

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Jay said...

Good Luck Gus. Kick down doors and take some names.