Monday, August 27, 2007

Jake Fitz

Jake Fitz! Jake Fitz! Jake Fitz! Surf, Frolf n some SC MTB. You want it? I can take you there!

True DH/FR style. 5bikes + 7humans + 6mile climb = super anxious WI MTBr's.

Courtney could barely get us to stand for even one pic. We were SO STOKED. You see it in the mags. We rode it less than 24hrs ago.

Awe. Every opening. Every turn. We were .25miles before our 850ft descent. You pumped?

Sorry bout no pics while going down. I was however able to snag this pic while we took a break at the half way point back up. While right behind me, Dar was in shock.

All the way back up, to do it all over again. The "Mail Boxes" trail was THE best riding I have EVER done. Aris broke his chain at the top and still beat everyone down. He did however need a tow from Jake Fitz himself.

Alex shooting on what is know to be one of the top 5 Frolf courses in the nation, De La Vega.

Darwin has been wanting to surf it up for a long time.

Jake Fitz again! He was all over the place this past Sunday.

Jake, Much thanks to a most rad stay in Santa Cruz. It was certainly a Sunday of firsts.
Maverick came thru big time. A new lower leg (disc side) is already on its way. Both bikes will be fully functional come Thursday's preride.
Off to Ragged Point for some more trail searching.


Jake Fitz said...

Good memories Team, Get Gus some more Spicy Red Curry soon, Coach Said so...

Holly said...

Looks like a blast... Keep with the up dates.

Shelley said...

Good Luck Gus...we'll be thinking of you this weekend!!