Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In search of 1.5mile climbs

I thought and thought and thought of a magical place that might have something close to a 1.5mile long climb. I received a phone call today from my spring training coach from California. He said "NOW(as in this week) is the time to start getting on your sponsors to fly you out here for some REAL hill training". Reluctantly, I had to inform him that my sponsors, all be it super wonderful and without them I would be unable to do what I do, are not monetary type sponsors.

So my search must stay within...lets say, a 2hour drive. I still couldn't think of anything. Oh wait! I have this piece of wood. I have a trainer. In my basement. I will put the wood under my trainer. Turn the resistance knob(Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty) to the right as far and or tight as I can, and start to turn the cranks.

130minutes. Out of the saddle for up to 18minutes at a time. With a little rest in between. I went thru over a gallon of fluids and stunk up the room like never before. Today was by far the BEST workout I have ever had on my indoor(winter) trainer. Its the middle of August!!!!

FAN MAIL!!! Seriously folks. I have real fan mail! Trixie's Mom n Dad, Thank you! The entire Weiher Fam, You're the best!!

Uncle Greg, I think I scored up the OK for Spring Training 2008. I hope you're ready.


Lee Unwin said...

I have raced this course and believe me you will be fine, it is really a easy course because the climbs are not covered with roots and rocks like they are here they are just long and steady. The best part is watching Farraris race while your riding.

Anonymous said...

blue mounds