Friday, August 24, 2007

I Hope You Are Ready

The posts will be coming at a very fast rate. It would not hurt to even check sometimes twice per day.

Our flight leaves early Saturday morning. For where you might ask? 24 Hour World Solo Championships.

There will be 9 of us making the trip. Hmmmm...2bikes + 14bags + 9humans + 10days = 1 12passenger van with 1ERGON sticker on the bumper. Should be interesting.

Tonight I will have Full BIOs of each team member. Before we even reach CA, you will know us better than your first stepmother's second husband's step son. Weather you like it or not.

It will be just like your sit'n 3rd row bitch!


EXPO Racing said...

is it step son or stepson?

Ronsta said...

Good luck dude!!