Sunday, August 12, 2007

Levis/Trow 25.....DFL

Red radar put me in the not so good mind set. Don't get me wrong, I love riding in the rain. But remember the previous post??? I so "strategically" placed the proper "outs". Hehehe.

No seriously. My fender wasn't enough to keep the grit out of me butt. 25miles and 2:37:57 of it and I was to call it quits. DFL. Although, I really don't feel all that bad for it. I pretty much secured 2nd SOLO SS for the series in the process, and after talking with most(I think all) of my 24-9 brethren... It looks like if you raced @ 24-9, you didn't hit the 100mark @ Levis/Trow. The reasons varied of course.

The course - Rocking! A tad over 1800ft per 25miles. Not much, but it came in clumps. Levis/Trow has got to be very close to the best around. So good, that I got an inside scoop. Maybe...just maybe for 2008

The wee little ones on the other hand. Did 25miles because that's all they had to do. Victory. 1st place 50mile DUO.
Two finger
Champ style
here it comes......

I have to be able to stay on the bike. Cutting it short this weekend made it possible to ride today. Tomorrow as well.

Big Picture

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