Friday, August 10, 2007

Levis/Trow 100

There are three races left in the WEMS series. I need two more races in order to compete for the series overall. I know for a fact I am unable to attend one of them. So, Levis/Trow 100 is a must.

The only "problem" is... I have Worlds at the end of the month and I have yet been able to fully recover from 24-9. My toes are still tingly. Still!

With that said. I am going in to this race with absolutely no stress to perform. No worries. I am actually feeling really really good(mentally). If Monkey butt starts to brew - done. Dehydrated - done. BAD crash - done. Levis is not the big picture.

The course set-up is pretty sweet too. 4 - 25mile laps. Definitely has an "epic" feel to it. It should be a blast. And Hot.

EXPO should be Starbucks Tall strong with B n J also doing the 60mile DUO.


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

Good luck to everyone @ levis/trow. It sucks I'm missing. I know I will represent @ Stump Farm 12. I'm kicking around the idea of 24hours of Landahl but I have some logistical things to get over before seriously considering it as in lights and someone to support and an EZ-Up.

Paddy Humenny said...

just cruise it, but finish it, and party down!