Monday, August 6, 2007

EXPO in the MUD

Jordan - 5th
Brandon - 9th
Theo - 3rd
Aris - DNF
Cody - DNF
Chris - 1st, 3rd OVERALL

Well, At least I stayed clean. What was super sloppy turned super sticky by the end of the day. B n J sported EXPO Bitch Beaters for the mud fest. Aris ran super narrow cross tires. Chris ran everyone into the ground.

Today I decided to sit on the spin bike for 90minutes. 3min hill climb, 2min rest, 5min climb, 2min rest, 7min climb, 2min rest. My legs burn. I feel pretty good. Can't wait to get outside. Off to work...


Ronsta said...

Dude, thanks for all the encouragement & timesplits. It helped me keep it going over that added grassy climb.

Good job to your team! Tell Aris I don't wanna see him pushin' his bike no mo'!

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

At least I wasn't the only person to DNF. I could tell around mid-day the course was turning from soup to peanut butter. Citizen had it the worse. I brought the wrong bike, full-suspension kept plugging up and seizing. I literally couldn't even walk my bike, and carrying it, huh, it weighed 40-45 lbs. I might not see everyone till Sunburst. I still have to do my full race report.