Sunday, August 26, 2007

I spoke too soon

"So I hope" certainly came back to bite me.

Right after the bike box pick up we headed straight for Jake's house(Pics should be sometime today)

***We forgot two items so far. A floor pump and a card reader for the camera.***

to drop off the box(bike in) so we could quickly check in the hotel which was maybe a 15minute drive. We wanted to Fresh-up and ditch the bags. The hotel pit stop to a mere 54min23sec. We were off to Jake's to raid his really really really ridiculously good looking pad n yard.

Aris and I were absolutely stoked to build bike #1. We had every tool at our disposal and some very motivated riders. Jake's roommate has TWO Rocky Mountain Slayers. Deal was, if Aris tunes em, we ride em. Major score.

The grill was working hard, corn - BBQ chicken - dogs - brats - cheddar brats. Jake was the host of all hosts. What a great set up. Nice back yard with a huge porch, 4blocks from the pond! Can you dig it?

Work stand, park tool backpack and large porch had us looking like just Another bike shop, literally. Speaking of Another Bike Shop. IN STOCK - the entire Fox Fork line and enough King headsets n hubs to support their entire color line. The bike market, as you can guess, is much different round here. Single Speeds? One of 5shop guys said his buddy has one. 29er's? What are those?

The build was going great. Everything arrived in the same condition we sent it in. No missing parts. Un pack the frame. get it on the stand. I worked on the rotors while Aris installed the cranks....ENOUGH. You get the picture....No everything was done. All we have to do is install the front wheel and ride.

It's hard to explain. Disc side dropout is done for. A small part that allows you to thread a bolt in and out to adjust the tension of the dropout. SNAP! No more front fork. At least for 1/2 the day.

Due to last night's detour. The ride is getting put on hold until this afternoon. This morning Pops Mensa-Bansu and I are driving to Monterey to pick up bike #2 and drop off bike #1.

Will I get bike #1 fixed? I should. But it's Sunday. I can't even get hold of Maverick till Monday.

It is 6:50am local time. I must go. I really need to ride and a lot of pieces must fall in for that to happens. Starting with some breakfast burritos.


papafitz said...


bummed we can't be there too... need more pics; have a blast today.

papa fitz

Holly said...

I cant wait untill you put more pictures on! Im so excited!
Miss you,

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I guess the phrase "take a pull" is taken a little too literally. BTW, as long as I get my White Ind. Eno Hub built up prior to this weekend I'm doing 12 hour Solo SS in your absence.

Dennis said...

Go Gus Go!!!
We will be cheering for you.
Your Friends at Segway of Milwaukee