Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Starting to Sink in.

I'll take it. Did someone say name drop???

My legs are starting to gain some confidence. I can still only feel 2 of 10 toes. Scabs on the butt. Every one's bodacious comments are starting to make this victory sink in. Tminus 29ish days till WORLDS. I don't think I lost any weight. I peed like 10 times. 228.5 miles, 16laps or 24:57:37. 13th Overall men. 16th when you throw in the women.


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

It would have been nice had "Expo Racing" or "Expedition Supply" or some kind of credit had been given to Expo, give credit where credit is due. I know you had nothing to do with it but it kinda sucks. I know I did say congrat already but I just want to say it again, congrats. I'm eyeing up the Stump Farm 12 as hopefully my best finish of the year which just happens to be during the same time you will be racing a few time zones away. I just got word that my 8500 has be single-ified. So we'll see, 12 hour solo single speed maybe? Wouldn't that be cool if I won in your absense, not likely but hypothetically possible. A podium of any kind would make my year. I hope you do well @ worlds and bring home the Gold, or w/e it is they give out there to Expo Racing.

Joe Partridge said...

Great race last weekend! I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend the podium ceremony; I would have liked to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you at a race in the future. Since you beat me, I know owe you a six pack of tasty Founder's beer. As Paddy can attest, it might take me a while to pay up, but you'll get your beer eventually.

Anyway, you had a great race and I look forward to toeing the line with you again!

Paddy Humenny said...

..but oh the beer is so worth it...that said, I owe ya a firm handshake the next time I see ya, nice bit a'riding again there fella!