Saturday, August 25, 2007

2007 Worlds Team Bio

Motivational Speaker: Brenda Peters—Mother of five boys has led this woman down an intensive learning journey. Wisdom and nothing but optimism will never be in short supply. Mom is always there with a smile. I could DNF or take 1st; it’s unconditional.

The Mechanic: Aristotle Peters—This kid is the wrench. He is the guy that makes the bikes spin, handling any pressure with ease. Seriously, this pit man does not break. If he wasn’t in the pits, he’d be out there.

Security: Alex Peters—Expo’s number one super fan has recently been brought on as tour security. The popularity is rising and things are getting dangerous. We are lucky to have such an experienced gumba on our side.

The runner: Theodore Peters—I don’t have the luxury of passing the pits twice within 5 minutes like at Nationals. Theo will be there to run hand offs miles with me if he has to—and all with a Zoolander Blue Steel grin to match.

Documenter: Darwin Peters—I gave him a tripod, camera and some tapes. Gripped Films is going to be hounding this kid for employment at the end of this project. He is basically here to document the monumentalness of it all.

Creative Director: Courtney Renick-Mayer—She is here to make sure I look good. With a priceless sense of style and creative explosiveness, Courtney is sure to make sure everything is fresh. Rumor has it a romance is brewing with the film crew.

TRIXIE Team Manager: Christie Peters—Love drives this woman to support this lucky rider through it all. She is the only reason I use butt cream. Spoon feeding, massages, slaps on the butt and overall unconditional love.

Operations Manager: Ted Peters aka Pops Mensa-Bansu. You could call him the GM. He is there to oversee everything. He’s got the ability to step in for any position. He has earned his fame with the famous quote in hour 11 of 24-9 Nationals, “Let’s win this focker”.



Holly said...

I cant wait untill next year when I come... What are you going to say about me?

Give them Hell Gus.... Thye are afraid and shaking in their tight shorts becuase Gus Peters will be rolling in with his crew! lol


Jeff Kerkove said...

Have fun....and the last picture in this post is......ummm.....err......disturbing to say the least.

Good luck!