Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Grand Loop 2

It took me a while to go ahead and complete this ride for a second time. This time on the big wheel(wide) SAFG. 3hours to complete the first half(riding backwards to "F'). I took my jolly time to eat a small lunch and down a mini coke. 40minutes later I was back on the bike with a second coke in hand, refilled pack and some more electrolyte in the bottle.

Lunch time
Not sure if it was lunch, the two cokes or the rabbits on Lake Dr. Or a combination of the three. I made the second leg of the trip back home in 2hours 45minutes. I am not even sure if my lunch stop is half way either. Very close to 100 once again. I still have yet to get sick of the feeling you get after a ride like today's is completed.
Big Picture

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