Saturday, August 18, 2007

Price and or "more bang for the buck" aside...

Stay in the Trek family?
Gears or Single?
Steel or ALuminum?
Canti's or Discs?
Bonti or WTB?

Trek and Bianchi are 2007(imagine a 2008)

Take ur pick....


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I think you should get an XO-2, you should ride my Crosshairs sometime, its a dream to ride. I think it would be best for you to go geared.

Anonymous said...

the new trek is the same thing as the lemond, but alu. but i would take one of those two.

EXPO Racing said...

The XO2 is considered untouchable. The XO1 is one of the four choices.

Ronsta said...

Bianchi San Jose is probably the best $500 I've spent. Raced only 2 months of the year but ridden weekly. Set up changes with the season/mood I'm in.

Derailleurs for cross?? I'd watch Jesse and Marko this fall. Here's all you need to know:

Dry- 42:18
Mud/Snow- 42:20

Simplicity + versatility rules!

Anonymous said...

We here at Trek would not be insulted if you went with the LeMond. Either are great choices.

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I see a cross bike in your future, join the club. Btw, the first two cross races are at Laphem.