Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss'n Beechwood - Day 4

Family wedding keeps us from what is know as the pinnacle of WI XC MTB racing. Truly great trails, amazing friends, delectable pot luck spread that needs like a 20' x 40'ish tent and a great Wisconsin fall day as the cherry on top. We will sadly miss what is really know as the Beechwood Blaster. May we see you next year. We wish we could be there.

Coming sometime this weekend or early next week will be an EXPO High School update. For those of you that don't know, we have had a few less EXPO peeps at a few of the latest races. That is because many of our juniors are playing fall sports at their given institutions. Stay tuned to hear their doings.

PS - How much do you think 24-9 is going to cost next year???


Mad Trix said...

85 bones? Missed you guys @ Blaster. Next year you can't miss it. Gotta get Tambo there too.

EXPO Racing said...

Think three times that.

Yeah, I know we missed a good one...Until next year!