Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mind Chooses Focus

Don't let your mind only focus just on the important things in life. At least try not to. 14 credits this semester are devoted to SOE (school of education) which would be my main "focus". Three more credits are in the mix also, however they have been on the back burner. I don't skip class, but I don't pay much attention to the back burner's syllabus either...Enter what is due tomorrow. Book review from a specific book list.

Read a book in two days and review it (3-4 pages). Not bad, AT ALL, if I would have stayed on top of this one.

Anywho, it is on Heat Wave By Eric Klinenberg. Pretty interesting it is. 1995 - Over 700 Chicagoans bite the bullet from a week long "heat wave". Oklahoma City bombing -168. Hurricane Andrew - about 40, etc...

Interesting how they can keep the largest disasters quiet. Back to work...

Tomorrow is back to you know what.



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