Monday, October 13, 2008

WORS Wigwam MTB Challenge - Citizen

In the Dog.
Jordan fought hard to keep his 3rd place series spot...The math looks to put him now just out of third after WORS #12. 4th place for the 10-14 Citizen series. A top 5 ain't bad. Since he's only 12, he'll hang around another year to try to take the title. The upside to this kid is Aris - like.

First Timer(literally) Alex. Brother Al decided to give racing a go after a summer of riding. 6th/14 in the First-timer race had Al on a high the entire day. Loved seeing him have a good time. He left with a hot pair of Oakley's from the raffle to boot.

$10 came Jdub's way for making the Equalizer on both of his laps. Well done.

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Carlos said...

Man, how come first timers are always lucky to take the good stuff home, I've been racing wors for 4 years and haven't take anything home with me :(
Congrats to el chango, well done. Now he just need to keep riding and get those legs ready for next year.