Friday, October 31, 2008

State and One Step Away from State

Kyle Warras (Waukesha West), after helping his team win their conference title, breezes through the WIAA Division 1 Sectional Meet by taking 5th Overall. The top five finish earned him a nice high-ranked spot in tomorrow's WIAA XC State Championship! Good Luck Kyle!

The "O"'s (Hartford) Boy's Soccer squad scored a double overtime golden goal yesterday to push their way into the Sectional Final against Neenah(2007 State Champs) which also is tomorrow. They be one game away from State! Good luck Theo!

$5 anyone??? EXPO Beenie fits even Aris's head. We made plenty of these via Visual Impressions. $5 covers the cost. EXPO and friends - have your $5 bucks ready cause Iceman is right around the corner.
Be safe this Halloween night.

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Shelley said...

Please bring 3 to Iceman for me!