Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 10 of Halloween CX

The 10th day marks the beginning. The beginning of the nitty gritty. Tonight is the night I begin the beginning - the playlist and the list. The play list consists of genres like Rock, Reggae, Funk, Electric, Prince, Hip/Hop, Punk and Rap...A little bit of everything(in no particular order). The list, is more of like an umbrella term. For there are many lists incorporated into the "list" - Beer list, Candy list, Prize list, Costume list, Props list, Necessities list and so on. So I get to now relax and have some fun getting ready for a proper good time.

Addition to the Prize mix for the 20-Deep Costume Giveaway is, for a second year, going to also come from the depths of the Rusty Tool Shed. Confirmation of this front-page-news came on the 9th Day(yesterday) from the Russell himself. Have no fear, if he would pick from the shed with his eyes closed, he'd still come with some proNasty product. Excited we are for the Tool Shed's massive support.

So, as of 2 whole days before the parte', the updated prize list looks a little like this:

Visual Impressions

"The Miscellaneous Pile"

EXPO Racing

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