Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beechwood Blaster is it!

I can't say enough. I arrived super early to the Beechwood Blaster. I knew a few guys, but the early morning masses were all new to me. The boys at Big Ring Racing greeted me as one of their own. I was able to help with with the big top tent as well as shoot it with Big Earl:

A true hard core. Flats n flats all out. There was not one endurance race that I did not see him at all year.

Shotgun start. WORS, I dare you. Real Fall weather. To top off the early morning festivities we were greeted by a old old old war fighter plane just as we heard a "Good Morning!". So low it gave the tree line a buzz cut. The thing was blowing smoke! Goose bumps.

Ronsta decided to go back-to-back as well as throw a second down at some Sunday CX. This guy was holding a 1minute lead at the time. Smiles all around.

Well, next year is going to be Friday and Saturday night camping at the Beechwood Blaster. I now know how MTBing is supposed to be. Time bonuses for every 8oz downed on course. Pot luck. Beer. Cider. Fire. Peeps. Bikes. Dogs w/out leashes.

I almost forgot the course. 5ish miles of single track, 1mile double, 600ft gain, 50minute laps.
Jay's land. Awesome guy. Not many guys does what he does for the sport!


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

All I have to say is you missed a fun race at Cam-Rock. There was FREE BEER there.

EXPO Racing said...

Take it back