Monday, October 13, 2008

WORS Wigwam MTB Challenge - Sport

John G would play out some smart type strategy to try and hunt down Bike Safer. His legs were there for a last lap attack, but the rest of the sport field would agree. An up trail crash on the final lap would keep the two EXPO riders from a sprint finish. John still finishes with one of his best WORS finishes to date. 6th age, 18th OVERALL!!!!

Brandon had zero stress on this one, which seemed to pay off. 3rd in age is a good way to end the WORS season.

The "O" tries to avoid a MARS sandwich...Mitch(right) nipped him at the Hole shot line. Theo still came away $20 richer on the day, which is nice.

Jeff "Hole Shot"...err..."Bike Safer" Frings rocked the house. Takes the $20 Hole Shot. Then takes 2nd in Age. THEN takes 12th OVERALL. Simply an amazing day on the Bike. Way to go Jeff!

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