Monday, October 13, 2008

WORS Wigwam MTB Challenge - Comp

Aris was 16pts behind the current 3rd place overall holder before the WORS finale. He needed a VERY good finish in order to make up the difference. He put out his 3rd best WORS result of the season taking 3rd Overall. It would only be right that he then earns himself a 3rd place finish in the Comp overall series points race. A superb finish to a superb year. Amazing year Aris, Amazing.

First lap breathing issues and last lap gears issue lended themselves towards a bottom half comp overall finish. I felt good mid race. I was able to smile here and there. I had fun. I almost beat Aris in the hole shot at the start...lost by a tire.

Phil tested out his aero TT helmet as well as his EXPO jersey...2009 might have EXPO treating him real well.

All tried to find a good seat at the "Equalizer".

Tambo takes 11th in the age and is still smiling from him WEMS 3hr series championship.

Aris get Air on the slick rock.

Click the pick to see how hard Phil is working.

"Equalizer" look from the bottom. I did make it this time(3 of 4 on the day)

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