Monday, June 11, 2007

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EXPO Racing 15laps 5:54:23
Jeff Frings Aris Peters

The 6th Hour
By: Jeff Frings

That’s More Like It!

The second WEMS race had more of everything I like about racing. More of the people that make the racing scene fun, and more hardware that can turn a good race into a great experience. Almost the entire EXPO team was at the race. What a great bunch of people to have on your team, and in your pit. Only John and Kathy G. were missing. Also a big shout out to Frank and Chris from Team Giovedi. Just met them Saturday, but they’re cool guys to race with. Aris and I decided on the 6 hour duo. Aris started us out, and I knew after my first lap that the duo was the right call. I hadn’t gotten much sleep in the last few days so the solo 6 would have killed me. I slowed it down a bit and started to get my rhythm. Aris was about a minute a lap faster than me on all but one lap, so a lot of the credit goes there, but I got the fun lap. Just after halfway, I checked the lap count and times and found that we were 4th with about 3 or 4 other duos within about 30 seconds, and 3rd place between 2 and 3 minutes ahead. On my next lap I came upon the guy that I knew had to be 3rd place. It was Chris from Team Giovedi. I caught him and passed him near the connector cut-off. He stayed right with me and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to drop him, or worse yet he would pass me back any second and sprint away. I put the hammer down in the fast single track after the climb out from the connector area and got lucky with some slower riders, and had about a minute by the end of the lap. Aris went to work and took a little more time and by the end we had almost 5 minutes. Constantine covered the rest of the race pretty well, so I’ll just end with the cliché, A good time was had by all.

How sweet is it? Throw over 20 teams all together. Ride really fast for 5hours and be able to truely "race" in the sixth hour. What a rush. Great ride Aris. Great ride Jeff. Thanks for the great write up. Great ride Chris. Great ride Theo. Great ride Cody.

Pits - As John Posner would say, "This is a Formula 1 pit". With that said, we are almost there.
Cody - Thank you so much for stepping up and helping Christie get to me. I owe the two of you my hardware.

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