Tuesday, June 5, 2007

46 for the youngest = 72 for the oldest

The other bro. The Bro that doest wus out when a big ride oprotunity comes his way. Theo. I rode from home, north up the lake, West twords My parents' house, Call Theo, tell him to start riding to me. Thats how the story goes. I was to ride the SAFG so I could really get a workout when I hooked up with Theo and his 700c Fixie. Today was very close to Epic. Freezing cold, super hot, chilly rain, and one big ass kicking from my little brother. Thanks for ripping my legs off Theo. I have to say, U maybe had me on ONE climb, just one!

Theo - Fixed, 46miles, 3hours 15minutes, 46 x 16, 700c
Me - Fixed, 72miles, approx 5hours, 44 x 16, 26in

Move that Orange thing so I can see. Love those ERGON grips

your bike sucks

Theo looks like he is beat
that rain was so cold


Carlos said...

So, what are you gonna race on saturday? 3,6 or 12 solo?. Just wondering.
Looks like you're getting those base miles for saturday huh.
See ya on saturday.

EXPO Racing said...

yeah, 12 Solo Single Speed. Sat will be another base mile day. Thats te way I look at it.