Monday, June 4, 2007


Pics are from RUSTY. Thanks dude!

I should have a new pic transfer cord by tonight.

EXPO Racing Race report (short)

Jordan Watkins - 2nd Overall Cit Youth
Brandon Watkins - 13th Cit
Theodore Peters - 3rd Sport (age)
Chris Tamborino - 1st Sport (age), 3rd OVERALL!!!!
Aristotle Peters - 3rd Comp (age)
ConstantME - 7th Comp (age)

Mass starts are sooo cool

Theo, You gotta quit looking at the camera. Watch where you are going.Look at those fat arms. Big Ring ALL day baby.

Race Report (Long)

I should have rode the 69er. I lost my two smallest cogs in the back due to mud, and I stayed in the big ring ALL day because, well, Isn't that what you are supposed to do at the Big Ring Classic? Oh well.

My Fixed gear traning allowed me to get the the front of the pack real fast. This being my First race of the year, my body was in shock after 3miles of mile high heart rates. I faded fast. I settled into my pace and watched everyone pass me. I really didn't start to feel "good" till the end of lap two which was Due to the no-call-up-mass-start (I was forced to cut my warm-up short and follow the masses and start real cold). The mud started to form after lap one and it was on! It was SO fun. You have no idea. I started picking people off one by one on the last lap. My weakest link was the single track, my strongest was the Big Ring and the descents. I passed 5 or 6 guys in my age group in the last 5miles or so too. It was the kind of feel good when you throw on the "Ultra mean look" while your legs churn. My legs were the constant all day. I finished really strong. I feel SOOO good about my result. 3hr 11min. 7th of 25 (25-29) and 36th 0f 138 Overall. I'll take it. My first race of the year turned out much better than I thought.

Pics from me to follow.

Next - 12 Hours of John Muir


Carlos said...

Well, I told you to use the 69er, but you didn't listen to me.
I knew it was gonna rain.
Ohh well, it was fun anyways right!!!

Charles Doughty said...

Race monkey! Race!!!