Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Solstice Swing

When - On the real Summer Solstice. Thursday the 21st of June. (not all this fake "Summer Solstice" stuff on the weekends)
Where - Emma Carlin trail head. Kettle Moraine State Forest South Unit.
What time? - We start the ride at 8:00am

3 Laps Emma Carlin to Connector trail to John Muir Blue loop - back to connector trail - finish Emma Carlin loop. Do that 3 times @ 25miles per lap.

Do you got in the DOG?

Hey Mr. 24, thanks for the super quick ERGON delivery! You ROCK!


Carlos said...

Hey, are you guys going to la crose tomorrow?

EXPO Racing said...

It was just decided. We will not be going. Too sore and not enough money to get there. We are saving up for Blue Mounds.