Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Solstice Swing Ride Report

***Do Not Scroll Down If Blood Is Not Your Friend***

I did not realize how popular my blog has gotten. I post the info for our Summer Solstice Ride maybe two days before, and look how many people showed up...

Lap one was so wet. It did a little raining before we got there. just enough to stay on the leaves. Much of the trail was over crowded with brush, very wet brush. It was a must to change clothes after the first 25miles.

Lap two was to start with a fresh kit, more assos and much fluids.

After lap two we were feeling good. Only 3 of 4 were left. Greg had to bail. He has a Tri on Sunday. 50miles done. 6hours done.

John G. was making the push at the start of lap three.

While trying to push, he decided to make nice with this tree. We pulled a band-aid from his elbow and used the electrical tape from my stem to stop the gushing blood.

Check it out! To the bone. It did put a halt to the 75. No problem, stitches were a must. 55miles completed in just over 6hours of riding. I would say 95% single track all day. An absolutely beautiful day mixed with some sweet single track.

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Carlos said...

Dude, I just had dinner and now I see his bloody hand. I don't feel good now.