Friday, June 8, 2007

Remember your 8th grade Graduation?

Busy day yesterday. Did some major bike cleaning on the on the "MUD" rides. That took me all the way to 2:30ish. I then loaded up the car to pick up my wife from school. Ran(drove) out to my hometownship of Erin for the the "other" bro's 8th grade graduation. My four younger brothers and I gave a big thanks on stage to Mrs. Wagner. She is retiring after 37 year of wonderful service to the Erin community and 20 years of super service to the "Peters' Home for Boys". From My 1st day in 1st grade to Theo's last day in 8th grade she drove us to school each and EVERY day! 20 solid Years baby.

Left to right. Dar, Al, Aris, Mrs. Wagner, Yours truly, Theo. And yes, the bus was yellow.

After the festivities, I was off to prep for 12 Hours at John Muir. Bike #2 arrived just in time for some endurance practice. I started the build around 11pmish and finished 1hour later. MC over at Expedition Supply really came thru big time. Thanks Mike!
I think someone slipped this in the box to maybe...pump me up???
Smells so good.
I had no idea what this was.

Underneath the foam, cardboard, and tape was even more safety stuff to keep me lookin' good at the start.

Mount bar, wheels, crank, chain, front brake and the fork leg bumpers and your done.
Done. Adjust seat, bars, add ERGON grips and a pink cage. Then I'm really done. One rigid. One not. we will see which one I ride more this Saturday.

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