Monday, November 24, 2008

WI CX State Championship

Three EXPO faithful made the trip out to compete in the Wisconsin Cyclocross State Championships in Hales Corners, WI(Who would have guessed WI?) this past Sunday:

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters competed in the Junior State race. He had to fight off Mitch Bogardus(get used to that name), who was hot on his heels the entire race, for a second place.

Jeff Frings capped off his super weekend with a second place in the Cat 4, 40+ race. It was actually a third place, however actual second was from IL. So, jeff got to stand on the second highest box for awards, due to the title of the race.

Kyle Warras (2009 EXPO Junior) took 22nd in the Cat 4's. This was his second time on the bike in months(High school CC) and his second ever cross race. I think he is hooked on Cross.

The commute home was an absolute blast. I was lit up like a Xmass tree thanks to the new blinky acquisitions. Snow was falling, streets were shining, air was crisp, the bike was flawless and I was dressed perfect. All smiles as I type. This pic, or this Bender, should put you in the mood. Get out there.

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