Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Iceman Race

Clicky to See Aris
Aris didn't disappoint in his first attempt at the Expert field...2009 will have him up in the WORS overall no doubt.

I felt great at the end...Time wasn't super, but I had the awesomest time! Passing, descending, climbing, hammering it out in the last 9 miles. So fun.

John G 16th out of 112 in his class. Way to go!

Bbones was able to hang with Murphy Kate (The women's Junior CHAMP!!!!!) for the first 12miles which ain't too bad. He took 3rd in All Men 12-14. His first ever Iceman.

Jordan took 7th. Quite possibly the youngest Iceman finisher in this year's race. Just as the MC said when JDubs crossed the finish line..."Look out for this kid!, He is smooth!"

Sue had the biggest smile on her face the entire race. This was her second Iceman finish, 2009 will also be big for her with some possible WORS races added to her schedule...

Kathy G Killed it! She took 3rd in a field of 21 women. She was only 38 seconds out of second!

The "O" was Dar's Domestique for the day, and I think he allowed himself to have his most fun ever on a bike because of it.

Post Race pics to come....


MurphyKate said...

I would like to take this moment to point out that my name DOES NOT have a hyphen, no matter what anyone (ex. race directors, people who write birth certificates, the national government, bloggers) may think. lol

EXPO Racing said...

AHHHHHHHHH! Sorry Murph :)

All fixed!

chris said...

Having fun is what it's all about and it looks like eveybody had some. Good job everyone.