Sunday, November 23, 2008


A very nice crowd showed for Milwaukee's first annual Cranksgiving. As the dude running the race started to hand out the manifests, I asked Jeff, "A or B?". Now my alleycat skills run right up there with the best of all the local messengers. I always manage to finish near the top, no matter what style alleycat is thrown my way. However, Jeff was attempting his first ever alleycat, wearing a "messenger bag" for his first time and was fresh off of a cold. I also make a pact to ride together with whomever decides to do an alleycat with me. So there you have it. We rode in class B cause Jeff said "B".

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about Ranchito Ride on Friday. Check it out here. We were at Sprizzo's and the cat at the counter was telling Ronsta about tomorrow's(Sat.) Cranksgiving. I was like Wa-wa-what?!?! Alleycat?! In my own backyard?! Awesome Friday lead to news about Cranksgiving lead to winning some sweet SWAG lead to wanting to end my 2008 season on a good note - lead to passing up WI CX Championships.

Race led us to 5 different local food stores. Our Manifest had four sections with two addresses in each. Each of the sections also had a different food item that we were required to purchase. We were to hit at least one store from each part and buy the required item. We also had to hit up any one of the remaining stops for a total of 5 stops and 5 food items.

Last stop - I got in the checkout line without any food. Jeff ran to get the required cans of corn. He brought it up to the register just in time. Cashier rang up first item(receipt was required for each). Done. Jeff grabbed and headed out the door. Second item rang up and I was out the door 30 seconds later. Jeff had started to roll to what he thought was the correct direction. He saw something in the corner of his eye as he made a right turn. I saw him turn and then saw the same thing he saw, in the corner of my eye. It was the finish! Jeff turned right passed it. Finish address was 2491. Jeff said he read 2941 instead(which would explain he quick turn right). I screamed his name twice over. More riders were coming, so I turned my goods into the finish. 1st Overall.

Jeff strolled in after 3 more guy turned in. He saw the finish! He was one left turn from first overall. Instead he made the dreadful right. 2nd in group B. 5th Overall. Not bad Jeff, not bad at all for your first alleycat. Great goods to boot.

Bikesafer checking his camera. He rode the whole race with the helmet cam. Should be some sweet vid.

Good crowd showed up gor a great cause. Each peep ended up bringing at least 5 food items to the finish.

One by one they showed up at the finish.

Cranksgiving brings food for Thanksgiving.

I tried the hardass look all night. You know, the look you give when your doing something you can do in your sleep. Truth is, I was stoked! And so was Jeff.

IRO frame and fork, Manhattan Portage Bag, Milwaukee cog and lockring, and two T's. Not bad for for a race with an entry fee consisting of non-perishable food. Cranksgiving info here. More pics here.


EB said...

damn I'm doing your cranksgiving next year.

Ryan said...

is it just me or do the photos on the cranksgiving site not show up?

EXPO Racing said...

I just clicked the link and it managed to work on my puter. The second and third pics from post came from the site too.

The link sends you to a what I would call a "thumbnail" page. To make them big click on "Play Slideshow"(top middle).