Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Fab Six

Russell created an awesome day on the bike. Scavenger hunt/alleycat was the platform. Teams of six with at least one Wauwatosa local MoFo(Pat, you were the MoFo of MoFo's!). Follow a mapped course that was perfectly marked on the real course with properly placed arrows. While in route look for "Have You Seen Me?" posters. Once found, take one picture with at least three team members in frame. Also, look for bonus opportunities.

Bonus - Find the tombstone, a dog pooping, a golfer, Big man with a little dog, roadkill, city bus, white dog, owner carrying poop... Make a human pyramid at the 50 yard line on the High School's football field, moon the Amtrak train, get a pic of a po-po's citation book and so on... I think you get the idea. Each bonus item needed at least two team members in the frame.
The Fab Six - Tour of 'Tosa Champions - Kyle, Yours truly, Jay, Pat, Nate, Aris.

Have you Seen Me?

The creator himself out on course.

Tombstone is in the upper left of this pic. (yup, there is only one)


Lady carrying poop.

Golfer (click to make biggy)

Big man with a little dog.

Dog pooping.

Up and down stairs all day. Fixie on slicks was the bike of choice(Is there any other way?). It made the day even more fun. You should try it some time.

Chasing down the city bus - Bus + 2 peeps - Bonus!

Cop and citation.

One more po-po for good measure while Russell tallies up the pints to see what three teams make the finals...

Top three teams made it to the finals, which was a figure 8 relay race on junk yard bikes! Banana seat Schwinn with coaster brake and crooked cranks, lady's 10 speed that was too small for Nate, a Roadmaster without a rear brake, and a single speed cruiser were the race bikes to choose from.
The kicker was that a bike tire was your team's baton and you couldn't ride the same bike two laps in a row. Three teams w/4 bikes - 20 laps. I hope someone got this on vid cause it was a riot!
When it was a said and done, we won the figure 8 relay by one half lap to take home the Tour of 'Tosa title.
I am ready to do this again tomorrow if anyone is up for it. Thanks Russell for a Suhweet day on the bike! Thanks to the Fab Six. Y'all were faBulous.

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Russell said...

If you look carefully there are 2 "Have you seen me?" signs in one of your photos!

Glad y'alls had fun! Make sure to let The O know he missed out.