Saturday, November 15, 2008

The "O"...err...GQ

Here is The "O"'s premier(remember, I warned you). Iceman not only brought some great riding, but some great laughs.

The night after the race, The "O" knocked on our hotel door. He'd strike a pose and Trixie would fall to the ground laughing as she closed the door. Repeat. Two poses later I got the idea to grab the camera. The "O" turned it up a notch once the flash started flickering. Little did he know it would show up on the blog and get emailed to GQ.

Tomorrow becomes a super fun time on the Fixie for the Tour of 'Tosa.


Russell said...

Glad to see Buckwheat made it in a few shots!

Cornbread said...

TI again in '09! See you in Iowa!