Thursday, November 20, 2008


Don't ever leave home without your pit juice(This week's lesson). I always manage to at least once per month forget to slap on the pit juice before I leave home. In any normal circumstance one might be able to get through the day without it. However, in my case I wouldn't survive. Everyday I have at least a 45min ride at the start and a 45min ride back home. Randomly sprinkle shorter commutes in between depending on the day, and you can bet on some proper stink.

In the case of yesterday, I forgot. So I decided to pull to the side of the road and apply the advertised stick in the pic above(they had better send me something for this).

1st attempt at the always difficult "Kerkove shot". I still need some work.

North Avenue rough road that doesn't seem too rough anymore. I wonder why?

I always make sure to at least wave "Hi" as I pass Trixie's students. That is if I can't actually stop and enjoy lunch with the wife.

2nd attempt. I think I may be holding the camera a little too high.

Endura Camo - Get some.

UWM Bike Parking. If someone out there could do me the favor and hit me up via on November 30th that would be great. I will need a reminder - I have to renew my monthly parking permit before December hits...hehehe.

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