Sunday, November 2, 2008

Look Left

This pic and link will stay just to the left of these words for the next 6 MONTHS! I am already pumped.

Last night's night race...My nose ran faster than I can run barriers. I couldn't sniff worth a damn to keep up with it. Anyways, it was an awesome night(Thanks Al, Coooop and Marty and everyone else who helped). Weather was great and the peoples were greater. No Sunday/today cross for I had to get lots of homework completed before the coming school week begins.

Aris, I'm Faster Than You" Peters took the junior WI Night Race State Championship. After he won, he went back out on course to chase me down. Thanks Aris! I had tons of fun on my last lap cause I got to ride with the bro(why Trans-Iowa so fun too).

Chris Tamborino also had a super night. He finished just in the MONEY - 8th place. I put in an ok ride by taking 14th...Forget the place - I was able to reel in the current 14th rider Zachary Giffey by out sprinting him on the finish climb. That is the best part about racing. 1st, middle or DFL - there is always someone to race with to the finish. Results here.

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Lee Unwin said...

Holy crap are you doing that thing? Why don't you just hit yourself in the head with a hammer it will hurt less.